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Although landlords may baulk at the cost, Rentd includes all aspects of finding tenants including online marketing, referencing, credit checks, accompanied viewings, rent negotiations and inventories.

A virtual letting agency that enables landlords to manage tenant finding and on-boarding via a smartphone app has launched today for London landlords with plans to expand into Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dubai.

Rentd is only available on via the iPhone App Store where it can be downloaded for free, but charges landlords a fixed fee of £799 per property claiming to find tenants and sign them up in under six days.

The app charges the fee after the tenancy has been signed, sealed and delivered and in return handles and organises the whole tenant on-boarding process.

This includes property marketing, unlimited virtual and accompanied tours, rent offer negotiations, references and credit checks, rental agreements, deposit collection and an inventory service. Co-founder Ahmed Gamal says that, although several websites and digital services offer some of these services, his is the first to encompass them all in one app.

Taxi service

This includes collecting the first month’s rent, while tenants are able to use Rentd to hail an Uber taxi to take them to a viewing, and direct them to it via Waze.

Gamal and co-founder Lawrence Hansford took three years to develop the app and say they feel there has ‘never been a better time to shake-up the market and remove the shackles of the historical way that residential property rentals still operate’.

“The Rentd app manages transactions in a way that we might be familiar with when using eBay or PayPal; these are all breakthrough examples of businesses which have disrupted the status-quo and have brought greater ease and confidence to their respective sectors,” says Gamal.

Rentd soft-launched in February and has been bug-fixing since then prior to the public launch today, but says it already has a substantial number of users. It also offers a full property management service, details of which have yet to be announced publicly.

For more information visit download the app.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Yummy nice free advertising, of which, no doubt they’ll fully appreciate, even pay commissions ;-D

    Yet, I feel this App has limited appeal! I wonder if they fully researched the market to see approx percentage of Landlord’s that own this mobile brand? As someone who’s hobby has been building Computers for decades now, and has always seen apple for what they are; over priced gimmicky tech; rarely worth its asking price, which thankfully I’ll never use, even if free.

    Although, common sense would say all other flavours will/should follow suit, or they run the risk of stunting potential/future growth.

    Yet, £799 when compared to the few hundred pounds with a fantastic personal service that we have been lucky enough to receive from our local Estate Agents (G Brown), whom have always provided one of the best and most professional services we’ve been more than happy to pay for.

    Yes, some will benefit and welcome a more simple streamed lined service, but for others, you simply cannot beat a face to face personal service, again, that’s 2nd to none!

    One thing I can say for sure, is it’s such a positive that others are looking at takling all Landlord’s services/needs from every conceivable angle – fantastic, bring it on I say.

    Keep up the good work Mr Lewis, regards.

    • Thanks Iwanna – they did appreciate the piece but sadly no commissions:( good to hear your take on the Apple exclusivity – I do wonder why everyone launches on Apple first when Android is easier to dev for and more widespread!

  2. Waaaay too expensive. For that price I might as well give the property to an agent to manage for me, and have zero work to do! I can get an ad on Rightmove via Visum (an online estate agency) for £90. Reference checks – free. Credit check – never done them but I can’t imagine they cost that much. And the app can’t do viewings, an inventory or check-in for you. I’d use it at £150 (if it includes Rightmove), I’d think about it at £200, but definitely wouldn’t pay more.


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