Tory MPs have declared war on landlords in holiday resorts who are kicking out tenants to convert their properties into Airbnbs.

Totnes MP Anthony Mangnall is set to declare a housing emergency by the autumn, reports The Times, as locals have been left homeless by soaring property prices and the staycation boom.

“There are just 19 properties you can rent long-term in the whole of South Hams on Rightmove, yet there are 300 advertised on Airbnb in Salcombe, another 300 in Kingsbridge, a similar number in Totnes. Yet we have hospital staff who can’t find anywhere to live, RNLI crew that can’t live in the town they serve,” says Mangnall.

Holiday spots

Fellow Tories in the South West – Steve Double and Derek Thomas – and Duncan Baker in North Norfolk want housing secretary Robert Jenrick to introduce a range of measures to ease the housing crisis in key holiday spots.

Plans include regulation of Airbnb-style rentals, incentives for landlords to rent to local people, the building of more affordable homes, restrictions on the number of holiday and second homes and the ability to impose council tax surcharges on second homes.

They say the pandemic has accelerated a problem which has been brewing for years fuelled by low interest rates, cheap mortgages and a stamp duty tax cut.

Tim Farron (pictured), the Liberal Democrat MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale in the Lake District, has also launched a petition urging a change in planning laws to stop family housing being turned into second homes and holiday lets.

In the first six months of 2021, 14,660 second homes were bought in Britain according to Countrywide, which is the highest number since 2009. Across the UK, the number of new rental properties being listed is down 14% compared with the 2017-19 average, according to analysis by the property portal Zoopla. In Cornwall, it has dropped by 44%.


  1. I thought the Tories had already declared war on landlords. And clearly the irony is missed on this guy – many landlords have moved away from long-term lets because of all the anti-landlord legislation the Tories have introduced!

  2. Simple facts are that most AirBnB lettings are fraudulent.

    This is because most BTL mortgages only allow AST tenants.

    Next few insurers allow AirBnB lettings.

    Next AirBnB are using the RFRA to avoid tax on income.

    EVERY lodger must undergo RTR checks even if for one day of occupation.

    No flat freeholder permits short-term lettings and definitely not AirBnB.

    The fact that mass LL fraud is occurring doesn’t seem to be recognised.

    The RFRA is not meant for holiday lettings.

    Very few Freeholders; insurers or lenders permit AirBnB usage.

    Nobody is doing anything to prevent this mass fraud.

    Of course it is entirely understandable why LL are engaging in fraudulent AirBnB lettings.

    Most have been forced into these lettings due to the ridiculous S24 tax.

    Lenders; Freeholders and insurers are doing nothing to stop this fraud.

    I have these fraudulent AirBnB lettings in my block.

    The MA know it goes on but refuse to stop it.

  3. Some holiday resorts have suffered with the second home issue for decades with little govt action.

    Some local councils have found ways to prevent some of this and in Lincolnshire some properties are designated to be used by tenants or owners with a direct rural connection. Meaning within the deeds it’s clear that any purchaser or tenant must work in rural activities and the definitions are rather tight to ensure farm workers are pretty much the only people that have access to these properties.

    But the reality is that whilst the govt continue its war on the PRS these sorts of statistics will only increase.
    As investors leave the PRS many of their properties will be bought as second homes or for air bnb use or a multipurpose use where the owner will let it air bnb style in times that they don’t need to occupy it themselves.

  4. Two things Govt could do to resolve these problems.

    Abolish S24

    Make eviction for rent defaulting immediate after 45 days of first rent default.

    Just these two things would transform the PRS and stop LL changing from AST to short-term letting.

    Of course Govt won’t carry out these improvements.

    So nothing will change.


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