Holiday lets and second home owners in Wales are to pay higher taxes under ambitious plans being drawn up by the country’s government.

It has set its sights on the unfairness of the housing sector and wants owners to make a fairer contribution to the communities where they own property.

It also wants to set up a registration scheme for all holiday accommodation and has promised to engage with stakeholders on the shape of the model, including both the registration and inspection arrangements.

A consultation on changes to local taxes to manage the impact of second homes and self-catered accommodation will start during the summer, with a pilot area set to trial and evaluate these new measures before wider rollout.

Last year, Wales became the only country in the UK to give local authorities the power to charge 100% council tax increase on second homes.

In the Senedd later today, Minister for Climate Change Julie James (pictured, below) will set out a three-pronged approach to address the impact of second home ownership on communities.

She says the continuing rise of house prices mean people, especially younger generations, can no longer afford to live in the communities they have grown up in.

julie james ms wales

“A high concentration of second homes or holiday lets can have a very detrimental impact on small communities, and in some areas could compromise the Welsh language being spoken at a community level,” adds James.

“The urgency and gravity of this situation calls for further intervention, which means real and ambitious actions are delivered at pace, to inject fairness back into the housing system.”

A Welsh Language Community Housing Plan, to protect the particular interests of Welsh language communities, will also be published for consultation in the autumn.

Read more about holiday lets in Wales.

Watch the statement by Julie James after 1.30pm today (6th July 2021)


  1. Another ridiculous Communist politician.

    This one believes that younger people should be able to afford where they have grown up.

    Where is that written!!

    Since when has it been the case that it would be a reasonable expectation that people should be able to afford where they have been brought up!!!?

    Property markets change and if that means people can’t afford to reside where they wish TOUGH!!!

    People have always had to move to more affordable areas.

    The mere idea that a local property market should be preserved in aspic so that young people can afford to stay is a most ridiculous contention.

    The mere idea that forcing second home owners to sell up will result in younger people being able to afford where they have grown up is another typical ridiculous Communist idea that the market can be controlled for the benefit of those that can’t afford it!!!

    The idiot Communist Welsh Labour Party clearly believes that penalising 2nd home owners will magically result in property prices reducing to be affordable for these younger people.

    Idiot Socialists detached from market reality.

    These 2nd homeowners if forced will sell up at full retail price.

    Property prices will NOT reduce to make them affordable for younger people.

    There is an insatiable demand for residential HOUSES.

    If 2nd homes are sold they will be to normal OO.

    The younger locals will not be able to afford them.

    The answer for low income people is to provide Social Housing.

    2 million Council homes have been lost to the Social housing sector because of the ridiculous RTB policy.

    These need to be restored from somewhere and then another 3 million built or bought on the open market.

    There is NO Tory political will to provide the social housing so desperately needed for what is mostly a low wage economy.

    The PRS naturally driven by the profit motive is not fit to provide housing for low earning tenants.

    What the Labour Welsh Assembly should be doing is building millions of Social homes.

    Forcing 2nd home owners to sell up will NOT address these housing problems.


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