The NRLA has written to Boris Johnson today to claim that his government’s latest evictions extension means it is asking landlords to subsidise struggling renters and rewarding those who are wilfully avoiding paying rent.

The industry association has also calculated that on average landlords will now be waiting for two years to regain possession of their properties, and an average loss of £20,800.

This follows the ‘chaotic’ U-turn announcement last Friday that the stay on possession hearings is to be extended until September 20th, with a six-month minimum notice period before eviction notices can be served and the de-prioritisation of rent arrears within the court system for all but the most serious cases.

The letter points out to the Prime Minister that most private landlords are individuals, renting out just one or two properties, and are not ‘property tycoons with deep pockets able to subsidise rents indefinitely’.

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the NRLA (pictured, above) says that the government’s refusal to help landlords in England and Wales will also have consequences for tenants as landlords turn to money orders to recoup their losses, leaving tenants credit scores ‘in tatters’.

To solve the crisis, Beadle suggests the government must offer the worst affected tenants hardship loans to pay off Covid rent arrears once the pandemic is over, a scheme that the Welsh government recently pioneered.

“The overwhelming majority of landlords have been working constructively with their tenants to sustain tenancies where rent arrears have built as a direct result of the pandemic,” says Beadle.

“The Government’s actions are a kick in the teeth for all these landlords who have done the right thing.”


  1. Hang on, didn’t Ben tell us when this government wheeze came about that the NRLA had played a blinder and this was a good solution for everyone.

  2. This is like people going into a supermarket, filling their trolley with food then insisting the person on the till pays their bill

    What is the government thinking?

  3. In Australia if for WHATEVER reason a tenant is 2 weeks in rent arrears the LL may have the tenant removed by Police if the tenant refuses at the requirement of the LL to vacate.

    Seems to work very effectively.

    Consequently almost any tenant type may achieve a tenancy BECAUSE the LL knows they can easily get rid of a non-rent paying tenant.

    There generally ISN’T a homeless problem in Oz and of course unlike the millions of feckless tenants in the UK the Oz ones tend to have savings to ensure they are able to pay rent in the event of sudden income loss.

    I still have a vacant flat since June 7th that I refuse to let out until the eviction ban etc has ended.

    It is cheaper for me to keep empty than risk damaging tenants.

    If I could get rid of rent defaulting tenants after 2 weeks I would have no issues in letting the property.


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