The Government has expressed sympathy for landlords’ Covid-related struggles and has praised their patience but still hasn’t announced any new practical measures to help them.

Speaking in the Commons, Conservative MP Robert Syms called for a debate on residential landlords as he said the sector was “very unhappy”.

He told MPs: “It provides valuable property for people, yet throughout this crisis landlords have been prevented from managing their properties and evicting people, even those with arrears from well before the crisis.

“I know of landlords who have not been able to evict people exhibiting anti-social behaviour and causing distress to other tenants because of restrictions the Government have imposed.

“Some people who could pay rent are not paying rent, but some of the residential landlords are still having to pay mortgages. This is a troubled sector and we should explore all the issues.”#

‘Wasn’t unsympathetic’

Responding to the question, Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg (pictured), said he “wasn’t unsympathetic” to landlords’ plight.

However, while he offered no new initiatives, Rees-Mogg pointed to the lifting of the stay on possession proceedings, and added: “Although we have laid regulations to require bailiffs not to enforce evictions until 11th January, there are exemptions – this is important – for the most serious cases, such as anti-social behaviour and illegal occupation.”

Rees-Mogg added: “We are grateful to landlords for their forbearance during this unprecedented time.

“Some may have been able to benefit from postponements of mortgage payments, which have been made available, but we strongly encourage tenants in all relevant Government guidance to pay their rent or to have an early conversation with their landlord if they have any difficulty doing so.”


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