Protesters have gathered outside Parliament in a last-ditch attempt to persuade the Government to protect renters after the eviction ban ends on Sunday.

The final push – “a socially-distanced, but spirited and angry protest” according to organiser the Homes For All group – failed to generate large crowds; in fact, according to its Facebook page, only 28 people turned up to the No Evictions protest in Parliament Square.

The group says that while the Government has made vague comments about protecting tenants from eviction, there’s nothing in writing.

Homes for All, a non-party alliance of tenants, trade unionists and local housing activists, argues that the action doesn’t honour the pledge made at the start of the Covid-19 crisis when ministers vowed that no-one would lose their home during a pandemic.

“In London today, an 83-year-old woman is being threatened with eviction by her private landlord, from a home she’s lived in for 50 years. The current eviction ban is all she has to protect her,” says Glyn Robbins of Homes for All, a housing worker.

“Our question for the Prime Minister is: where’s the promised action – or will tenants lose their homes due to the pandemic?”

Alicia Kennedy, Generation Rent director (left), adds: “When the eviction ban is lifted, renters who’ve already had notice from their landlord will have no idea what protections they’ll have left. We’re calling for emergency legislation to end coronavirus evictions and funding to end the rent debt crisis.”


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