Landlord Mansoor ‘Manni’ Mahmood Hussain has lost his vast property portfolio after a National Crime Agency (NCA) investigation into his alleged links with organised crime.

The Leeds businessman agreed to hand over 45 properties in London, Cheshire and Leeds, four parcels of land, as well as other assets and more than £500,000 in cash, with a combined value of nearly £10 million.

The agency secured an unexplained wealth order against eight properties owned by 40-year-old property magnate Hussain, formerly of Sandmoor Drive in Leeds – the first one obtained solely on someone’s alleged involvement in serious organised crime.

It got a freezing order preventing the sale or transfer of the original eight properties, plus a further nine that were identified after the NCA argued Hussain had failed to fully comply with the requirements of the order – and his non-compliance provided a good case that a number of the properties were funded by criminal associates.

Hussain, who has links to a murderer jailed for 26 years, an armed robber and a convicted fraudster who acted as his accountant, used threats of violence and blackmail to buy his properties, the NCA claims.

Armed robbers

Hussain’s association with criminals included allowing convicted armed robber Dennis Slade to stay rent free in his seven-bedroom house in Sandmoor Drive. Following Slade’s release from prison, he stayed rent free in Hussain’s penthouse apartment in Leeds city centre.

Andy Lewis, head of civil recovery at the NCA, says: “Mansoor Hussain thought he had hidden the criminality associated with the source of his property empire, but he didn’t count on our tenacity. Far from taking his UWO response at face value, we studied what he had and hadn’t divulged. We could then use that information to look far enough back to uncover the hidden skeletons in his financial closet.”

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  1. Why does his ethnicity have to be commented on? Does it matter what race someone is to Ant and Robert? Talking about stereotypes, you two must be angry white men who hate the fact an ethnic person has so much money. I’m not defending this guy, but don’t see why ethnicity needs to be mentioned when crime is committed. I guess you two would say he was a mastermind if he was white!! Why would it be a surprise if he was Chinese, don’t they commit crime lol

  2. Ant your right … stereo types are often for a reason. You white uncooked sausage nation of lazy stay at homes. Benefit Claiming smelly Cunts. You’ve all been left behind my son. And we weren’t even born here lol. Prick

    • Mr Singh, I think you have a disgusting way of speaking. You’re uncouth, and your mouth should be washed out with soap!
      Don’t forget the UK is a country with freedom of speech. You know what you can do if you don’t like it.
      To swear like that on a public forum not only shows you’re vulgar, but that you lack an education.

  3. Statistically they may not be incorrect. Crime statistics are gathered by the Government and other Institutions statisticians who sort the perpetrators into many category’s, like, among other things, Race, age, gender, area, affluence; type of crime; sexual, fraud, counterfeit, robbery, tax evasion, deception, robbery etc etc
    Statisticians know what percentage of the population each racial group makes up, so they find out the true mathematical statistics and prevalence of crimes committed. Years ago these statistics were made common public knowledge. Today they are not publicised as much because the mathematical facts are damning for certain ethnic groups. Sometimes it could be seen that a small percentage of the UK population from an ethnic group would be responsible for the vast majority of a certain crime. Today these facts are deemed as divisive and many ethnic groups would be stereotyped because of them, so the British public are no longer freely given them. Some folk say no smoke without fire, others say that the social drivers behind the crimes are not known, therefore the reasons could cause the figures to be distorted. This may be correct for certain crimes, but certainly not for others. Just because some people of a certain race, creed or colour are more likely to commit a certain type of crime does not make all of that type of person a villain. But stereo typical opinions that the public hold are most likely because the mathematical facts are there. So there is always a back story to crime. But the public perception of crime is usually based on common experiences. What is fact is that if more law enforcement was allowed to be swifter with longer harsher punishment and sentences, without the screams of racist racist by those intent on preventing us having a safe law abiding society, we would not be seeing this type of crime being allowed to thrive and grow in the UK. There is a good argument for some criminals to be deported for certain crimes after serving long jail terms, this is the best deterrent.

  4. We are a good mix of multi cultures in the UK and I for one think we are better for it. Good and bad in every community. So if we all abide by law and decency we will all get along well and be richer in mind body and soul for it.

  5. This is a forum for landlords not a political rant or for government stats etc. We all could sterotype and point fingers at different races etc. But this all
    Started because he’s Asian and committed offences. As if white people don’t commit crime, mp’s who faked expenses claims. Does that mean every
    Mp is a fraudster? Rapist is committed by men. Is every man in the uk a rapist? Educate yourself you dumb idiots!!!

  6. It doesn’t really matter what the ethnicity of these criminal LL is.

    It is just a fact that property is used by criminals to launder proceeds of crime.

    This especially occurs with high value properties in Central London.

    Billions of criminal cash is laundered through the London property market.

    Far more needs to done to address the issues of criminal LL and homeowners.

    Follow the money NOT the ethnicity of those involved.


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