A coalition of renter organisations and their supporters have sent a letter to the PM urging his government to extend the evictions ban past September 20th.

The letter, sent by Manchester-based umbrella organisation Homes For All, follows a very different letter sent by the NRLA to Johnson last week, pointing out that his government’s latest evictions extension means it is asking landlords to subsidise struggling renters and rewarding those who are ‘wilfully avoiding paying rent’.

Homes For All describes itself as a non-party political national alliance of tenants, leaseholders, campaigners, unions, writers, artists and activists. Previously, it has been campaigning for rent controls and has the backing of several politicians such as the Mayor of London and many within the Labour party.


It also backed Tenants Union’s demonstrations over the Bank Holiday weekend outside County Courts across a dozen cities.

The letter has been signed by several high-profile organisations and people including the Big Issue magazine, Polly Neate of Shelter, former shadow chancellor John McDonnell, two trade unions, movie director Ken Loach, a leading UK Black Lives Matter organisation and Generation Rent.

Although neither letter has been officially responded to, the government’s concessions to landlords on Friday are understood to have followed heavy NRLA lobbying of No.10 to take a more balanced approach to the evictions ban.

As we reported then, landlords can now evict tenants after several weeks (depending on the reason) rather than six months under several exemptions such as rent arrears of more than six months and domestic violence.


  1. What about squatters occupying properties illegally and refuse to leave? Is this government not kicking them out and let them damage the house?

  2. Baffled as to why they think its acceptable that tenants dont pay their rent…. would it be accepted if hungry people walked into shops, consumed food and walked out without paying!!

  3. These feckless tenant organisations must believe that LL will have the ability to remain LL with no rent being paid.

    Where they get their presumption that LL are capable of continually providing free rental accommodation beats me.

    Surely they realise that many LL will have their mortgaged properties repossessed by lenders.

    That still means the tenants lose their home.
    Logically these stupid groups would be supporting LL to have tenants pay their rent so LL DON’T have to get rid of them or be repossessed by lenders.

    It seems to be a somewhat topsy-turvey world!!

  4. I’m assuming this group of political agitators also posted a letter to Tescos asking them to allow tenants to walk out with a trolley load of shopping free of charge. What planet are they on. But then I read Ken Loach and BLM are signatories. I rest my case.

  5. A possible solution could be, that the Tenant groups take on some of the burden & pay a % of the rent + tenant pay an affordable % (not just stop, as this is quickest way to push landlords to evictions / courts), to allow the tenants & landlord time before evictions / courts. I believe no-one wants court / evictions, Landords due to cost & tenants due to being unable to rent easily again due to previous rental problems.

  6. I have a comparatively new tenant who lost her job due to Covid-19 and her employer deciding not to furlough staff. She is now having to claim Universal Credit and use her savings until she gains new employment. She has not missed a single rent payment, nor has she expected to be exempted from paying the rent, or asked for subsidies of any sort. Hence I have no intention whatsoever of evicting a reliable, honest, decent tenant, despite her currently being unemployed and in receipt of benefits, which, due to ten years negative experience with benefits-claiming tenants, I no longer accept. Previous long-term unemployed tenants made every excuse imaginable to avoid paying, with one racking up £6000 in arrears and leaving the property 10 minutes before the bailiffs arrived. Having to pay the mortgage throughout this has left me in mortgage arrears and perilously close to financial collapse. It hasn’t done my health much good either, coming on top of several other appalling tenant debacles. I personally will not be dictated to by either the government or a body of politically-left agitators who do not seem to have any actual experience of what they are condemning – ie landlording! No long-term landlord gets rid of a ‘good’ tenant – they would be cutting their own throats. Equally, no landlord should be expected to subsidise people whose own ethics are extremely questionable and who expect everyone else to fund their path through life.


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