The Welsh Government is to resume plans to reform possession rules which would triple the notice period a tenant must be given to six months.

It had paused the legislative process for the Renting Homes (Amendment) Bill back in April as the coronavirus pandemic raged but has now announced a timetable which should see the new regime for the private rented sector in place on 1stApril 2021.

The proposed legislation will extend the minimum notice period from two to six months as ministers want tenants to be given much more time to get ready to leave a property after a landlord has decided to take repossession via a ‘no fault’ Section 21 eviction, particularly if they have children in a local school, are in ill health or want to find a property to rent nearby.

If passed, a letting agent or landlord wanting to evict a tenant via a no-fault notice will have to wait until six months have passed from the beginning of the tenancy, serve notice and then wait for a further six months.

The National Residential Landlords Association has said that the bill represents, “further neglect of the reasonable arguments of conscientious, compliant, and responsible PRS landlords”.

It adds that by extending the notice period to six months, a landlord could suffer half a year of arrears or the tenant’s neighbours half a year of anti-social behaviour, before the property is returned to the owner.

Welsh Ministers are already bringing in significant changes to the rental sector with the introduction of the Renting Homes (Wales) Act which replaces the secure tenancy and assured tenancy regimes which currently operate under the Housing Act 1985 and Housing Act 1988 respectively.


  1. Can’t see many Welsh LL remaining.

    If I was one I’d be selling up.

    All a Welsh tenant would have to do would pay the initial rent and deposit then not pay anymore.

    Using S21 it could take 2 years to evict!

    Though not sure whether S8 could be used to avoid 6 months NTQ.

    I guess the 6 months will go anyway when S21 is abolished.

    Be interesting to know whether the S8 process would need 6 months NTQ

    But there is no way I would invest in Wales now.
    Was thinking about a FHL/Rental property situation.
    But not now.

    Will look at Norfolk etc.

    Why is it that Socialists consider they have the right to control private capital?

    Can’t we just get rid of the Socialist Republics of Wales; Scotland and also NI.
    England doesn’t want or need them.
    Give them their independence we want shot of them.

    • Personally, I love Wales, Scotland NI and Ireland all be it that they are EU. Give them independence if they want it and lets stay close friends please

  2. We have SO been here before. Do the younger generation learn nothing? Make it easy to get shot of bad tenants and the PRS will expand making supply more than demand, so decreasing rents. All this legislation pushes good landlords out of the market and makes things worse for tenants.

    • Well said Cathie. I’m more than happy to work with a tenant to find a move on and to work to their timetable, however, when they ain’t paying or smashing up the place, there has to be a mechanism to move them on!


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