New plans to extend emergency legislation in Scotland could include measures to prevent evictions.

The current ban on the enforcement of eviction orders in Scotland has already been extended to 30th September to protect tenants from proceedings in areas subject to level 3 or 4 restrictions – although the country is now in either the lower level 1 or 2 restrictions.

A Coronavirus Extension and Expiry Bill – set to be introduced later this month – would mean effectively extending this deadline to next March and would give parliament the option of agreeing to a further extension until the end of September 2022, however, it is still unclear whether this would cover evictions.

Coronavirus recovery secretary John Swinney (pictured) says any emergency provisions which are no longer needed would be allowed to expire.

He told MSPs that the two pieces of Scottish emergency powers legislation passed by parliament last year contained “extraordinary measures which were required to respond to an emergency situation”.

These included major changes to how the court system operates, as well as provisions to keep businesses and public services running during the pandemic and temporary changes to the law for tenants and debtors.

He says it is now clear that some of these provisions will be required after the current expiry date of 30th September. Swinney said last month that further measures to protect people from eviction proceedings were “under close consideration”.

Scottish Labour want the government to extend the ban and have called for the government to extend it, highlighting tenants’ organisations such as Living Rent which have warned of a cliff edge of orders to evict.


  1. Seems very odd to be led by dates and not by data. To extend the ban so early in advance is surely political rather than led by science. We are all going to have to live with this virus, probably for ever. We have to get back to doing things normally. We can’t be held to ransom with the government effectively seizing assets. In any case, the more they delay, the higher the ‘cliff edge’ will become. Delay will only kick the can down the road and turn it into a crisis.

  2. This is State exploitation of landlords amounting to taking over private assets. It’s the sort of thing you would expect if the North Korean government took over in the UK – the State tearing up legal contracts and riding roughshod over a minority group it dislikes and disrespects.

  3. The Scottish nationalist are left wing socialists that’s how they effectively wiped-out Labour in Scotland because they are more left than Labour ever was.

    Landlord bashing is a popular pastime… of course its political the same attitude prevails in England too.

    I feel sorry for anyone investing in Scottish real estate and it sends out all the wrong signals to business investors too.


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