Female landlords are closing the gap on their male counterparts as they turn their backs on stocks and shares to invest in property.

Women now make up 48% of the 2.6 million buy-to-let investors in the UK, up from 47% in the previous year, according to Ludlowthompson, which reports that the number of residential property landlords who are women increased by 2% to 1.25 million for the most recent tax year, up from 1.2 million the previous year.

The estate agency says buy-to-let investments have traditionally been more popular among female investors than other assets; women account for 44% of investors in stocks and shares ISAs and represent just 15% of Bitcoin traders.

Women now receive 44% of all income from buy-to-let investments (£16.1 billion of a total of £36.4 billion in income), up 27% since 2014/15 from £12.7 billion. In the same period, the total income for male landlords has grown 15%, suggesting that women have been adding to their portfolios of buy-to-let properties much faster than men.

ludlow thompson

Ludlowthompson chairman Stephen Ludlow (pictured) says the buy-to-let market has built a reputation of delivering long-term, stable returns to investors looking for income and long-term growth.

“With the gender gap in buy-to-let ownership narrowing year-on-year, it might not be long until we see a 50:50 gender split amongst buy-to-let investors,” adds Ludlow.

“This is a significant step considering the much wider ownership gap in other asset classes, such as equities and cryptocurrencies.

“Buy-to-let property is a sensible way to diversify an investment portfolio and you are competing against fewer professional investors than in stock market investments.”


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