Rogue Landlord:

Yunus Oomerjee, 56, of Framewood Road, Slough illegally converted a Harrow home into eight shoddily-built flats

The rogue landlord repeatedly ignored council notices before being found guilty of serious planning and housing safety offences at Harrow Crown Court on June 20. He was sentenced on May 4 and fined a record £370,000.

Oomerjee illegally converted a small Harrow home into eight flats and according to Harrow Council, the flats were of poor construction, built without building regulations approval, fire safety or electrical checks, and Oomerjee feigned ignorance of the repeated council notices.

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At Willesden Magistrates’ Court Oomerjee was ordered to pay £355,000 in confiscation proceedings on May 4 and was also fined £1,250 with £15,000 for costs, plus £7,000 for HMO licence violation.

A confiscation order was made to recover the money Oomerjee made, and as a result of failing to comply with five enforcement notices from Harrow Council.

Speaking after the sentencing, Councillor Graham Henson, leader of Harrow Council, said:

“This is not just a victory for Harrow Council, it is a victory for Mr Oomerjee’s long-suffering neighbours along Eastcote Lane and for all decent landlords in Harrow who obey the law.

“Planning is not a pushover – and we’ve now given this bungalow bungler a very, very expensive lesson.”


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