Students should get a rent rebate for leaving their accommodation early before the Christmas break, says the National Union of Students (NUS).

It’s calling on university providers and landlords to compensate the thousands of youngsters who’ve been told to go home during the ‘travel window’ between 3rd and 9th December, just after lockdown ends, in order to reduce any transmission risk.

NUS president Larissa Kennedy (pictured) says those who follow this guidance should get some money off their rent.

“Now that it is clear students will be expected to leave term-time accommodation earlier than usual, we believe students who leave in the advised timeframe should receive rebates for the weeks they will not be in their accommodation,” she says.

Students have voiced fears about losing money from their part-time jobs and being able to afford monthly bills.

There is also concern that those who test positive for Covid in early December could struggle to shop and eat if they’re living alone, with the NUS urging that wellbeing support and free food should be available for them, including those in private housing.

Earlier this term, Glasgow University and Manchester Metropolitan University students who were locked down in purpose-built halls due to a spike in coronavirus cases, were given a rent rebate.

Last term, the Government urged landlords to consider whether they were treating student tenants fairly by continuing to charge them for empty accommodation – although this was for a much longer period.

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  1. If students are given a rent rebate will they have to give back some of their student loan? Why should the tax payer fund loans, many of which will never be repaid, if the recipient no longer has the maintenance costs it was designed to cover?


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