The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (pictured) is advertising for someone to investigate setting up a national landlord register.

Despite not having confirmed officially that there will be a such a register, the job advert is for a full-time policy advisor.

It follows a commitment in the government’s Levelling Up White Paper earlier this year to explore the introduction of a landlord register, after first promising to bring forward reforms to drive improvements in standards in rented accommodation in 2021.

This new role will focus on looking at possible penalties and enforcement and leading on the data protection elements of a register.


The job description explains: “You will lead and drive policy development and delivery related to specific workstreams on our work exploring a national landlord register – penalties/enforcement and data protection. This will involve significant, detailed policy work at all stages of the policy cycle, potentially including delivering legislation.”

The newly appointed advisor will lead and support stakeholder engagement, both internally and externally, representing the department’s views and position through the policy development process.

They will also work alongside departmental staff and a range of other government departments to, “understand the broader context of PRS and housing policy and ensure alignment with wider government policy”.

The job will be based in either London or Wolverhampton with a salary of between £36,337 and £39,598. Candidates have until 11th April to apply.


“This is positive news that the government is planning for a national landlord register and that Ministers are taking it seriously, as the millions of English landlords who will need to join the scheme have been waiting to hear what the requirements will be for some time,” says Sean Hooker (pictured), Head of Redress at the PRS.

“We will of course work with the new recruits to help them implement a workable system. It makes logical sense that if you have mandatory redress, you have your register.

“In the meantime, we are running the pilot for the NRLA along with TDS.


    • Hi Alex it means that the NRLA is running a pilot redress scheme for landlords ahead of the government’s likely rent reform announcement (probably next month) which will include mandatory membership of a redress scheme for private landlords, and alongside that membership of a national register. Hope that helps.

    • Under NO circumstances will Govt ever allow a tenant register of good and bad tenants.

      Bad tenants cause roughly £9 billion of losses to LL every year mostly in rent defaults

      No way will Govt allow LL to detect all the rent defaulting tenants.

      Though the stupid Govt may not appreciate that with S21 being abolished EVERY S8 eviction will come with a CCJ for the defaulted rent.

      Such a CCJ record essentially creates a bad tenant register called the Registry Trust where every CCJ is registered!!

      So very easy for LL to check the Registry Trust for bad tenants with defaulted rent!!

  1. Not at all sure the representative bodies are acting in the interests of landlords’ here. The people who will be delivering a redress scheme, and I suspect lining their pockets in doing so, seem to be the ones pushing the scheme, and too hard for my liking. Sean Hooker and the PRS will have a very strong vested interest, I expect.

  2. Lots of councils up and down the country are implementing their own licensing schemes. They have a register. Each register is being purchased from different companies. So what is the purpose of more duplication by way of a national register? Who pays for doing the same work over and over again?

    We have a rogue landlords database and now they want to have a national landlord database.

    I am uncomfortable with this given the anti-landlord propaganda by some quarters, why should such lists be public.

    Landlords get treated worse then burglars, sex offenders who have the right to privacy?

    • It is entirely appropriate that a LL register exists but for ALL forms of letting such as FHL etc.

      For those LL with mortgages the FIRST requirement should be for all mortgaged LL to provide CTL letters from their lenders for the type of letting they are doing.

      This will stop lots of fraudster LL.

      Take for instance the reckoned to be 300000 alleged Accidental LL who are FRAUDULENTLY letting with residential mortgages WITHOUT CTL!

      Sussing those fraudster LL out will result in millions of homeless tenants.

      The owners will be forced to return to occupy them or face the mortgages being called in!!

      There are many mortgaged FHL properties that do not have a FHL mortgage.
      So more fraud.

      If lenders find out they will call in loans.

      A National LL Register is a great idea for all those LL that are compliant with regulations.

      It will however be a nightmare for all the FRAUDSTER LL and their tenants!

      But legal LL will be able to increase rents even more as they will be the only game in town.

      About time too that legal LL finally receive the higher rent recompense they deserve.

      It has been fraudster LL that have depressed rents.
      A National LL Register will put out of business all the fraudster LL.

      It will also create millions of homeless tenants.

      So great news for legally compliant LL.

      50 % of the PRS which is mortgaged will have to provide CTL letters.
      Many LL WON’T bother and will simply remove the illegal tenants and probably sell off.

      This will cause a flood of illegal rental properties to be sold off.

      Not good for tenants!

  3. Something not mentioned by other contributors is that HMRC will no longer have to have Landlord amnesty threats etc… To get people to “Regularise” their tax affairs.
    They will simply search the Landlord database and cross reference with that individuals tax position and will easily know if an individual is receiving undeclared income from property. That alone is going to prompt resistance from many under the counter landlords from getting themselves registered.
    Which leads on to the next elephant in the room… How on earth will the govt know who is and who is not a landlord?
    According to the Land Registry “Over 85% of land and property in England and Wales is now registered with us”

    Which means around 15% is unregistered, so how will govt enforce in those circumstances?
    They go on to say
    “Much of the land owned by the Crown, the aristocracy, and the Church has not been registered, because it has never been sold, which is one of the main triggers for compulsory registration.”
    Which means that the richest in society have the biggest advantage to avoid being on the Landlord Register… Hummmm so much for levelling up eh Boris?

    Of course, what no govt can do is force investors to stay in the PRS… we can simply sell up and find other more favourable business investment opportunities.

    • The resistance from the proverbial under the counter LL is to make it a criminal offence subject to the POCA for any LL to let in breach of lender and other conditions.

      Essentially that means that every letting of whatever sort will be deemed to be criminal without a licence no for the LL and property.

      Achieving the correct licence will be required and to lie in a licence registration to be a criminal offence subject the POCA.

      FRAUDSTER LL are a scourge on the PRS unfairly competing against LL who DO COMPLY with regulations.

      This reduces rents which is unfair for LL struggling to COMPLY with all relevant regulations.

      The fact that fraudster LL are housing millions of tenants is hardly the point.

      They shouldn’t be and there should be millions of homeless tenants.

      Govt if it rolls out an effective National LL Register will find it will cause millions of homeless tenants.

      Govt DOESN’T seem to understand that millions of people are being fraudulently housed.

      They will if they roll out an effective register!!

  4. Paul is correct of course… Because if a bad tenant register existed it would have to have a way for people who have reformed themselves to be taken off the register = tons of admin staff = huge costs in running a scheme.

    The bigger issue for the govt though would be that they have a stated aim of reducing homelessness. A bad tenant register would have the opposite effect. By shutting out dodgy tenants from the PRS that would increase homelessness figures which the govt doesn’t want. They are far more happy that landlords get stung for rent on a regular basis than having to deal with homelessness themselves.
    Buck passing of the highest order.


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