A build-to-rent operator in the capital is trying out a new concept in the UK private rental market – portable tenancies.

Residential management company Apo’s new development in London’s East End (pictured) allows tenants to live, work and play in one location, offering services and amenities to take the hassle out of everyday life.

Dubbed ‘rental-meets-living’, its target audience of mainly young professionals will get a sense of community in Barking, but if they fancy a change, can up sticks and move into a partner development currently being built in Kew, just by giving a month’s notice.

‘Life admin’ is made easier, promises Apo, as tenants get a single monthly bill for all utilities and can access the co-working space, roof terrace, studios and private gym.

The site has its own apiary and home-made honey, bike club, handyman for DIY tasks and a guest apartment for visiting friends and family. Members can opt in and out of perks at any time, only paying for what they need.

Matthew Pullen, CEO of Apo, says the offer addresses common concerns about renting and creates an easier and more enjoyable way of living.

“Our mission at Apo is to constantly evolve our offering by working closely with our members to bring fresh ideas to the table and adapt to their growing needs,” says Pullen.

“We are all about inclusivity and putting the fun back into London living.”

The 597 flats start at £1,200 per month for a studio, £1,300 for a one-bedroom apartment and £1,585 for two-bedrooms.


  1. I fail to see the gosh wow factors here. The tenant rents a flat at around the expected London rent, pays additionally for utilities, gym etc, as you would anywhere else, pays for a handyman, as you would anywhere else, – all the perks are extra, just as they would be anywhere else, and the one month’s notice is what is required everywhere else.

    • Only 1 month notice after a FTTA has finished.
      No requirement to give ANY notice to terminate a FTTA and the end of it.
      Only when a tenancy goes periodic does a tenant have to give 1 month notice.

      LL have to give 2 months notice.

      Many LL have illegal TA which state incorrectly that notice is required to end a FTTA.
      NO there isn’t.

      Statute law doesn’t require notice to be given to terminate a FTTA.

      Last day of a FTTA tenant may hand keys back to LL signing a Tenancy surrender form and vacate the property.
      Not many LA or LL seem to be aware of this.

      I wonder whether these BTR operators are unfairly allowed to offset loan costs against income etc.

      Unfair competition I say cis they are but sole trader LL aren’t.

      Hardly a level playing field!!!

  2. Actually it seems that some London letting agents want 2 months’ notice from tenants in all circumstances, including where the tenancy has progressed to contractual periodic status. This makes it very difficult to give appropriate notice and find somewhere else willing to wait 2 months, or risk not finding anywhere suitable in the timeframe.


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