The Welsh government has taken the unexpected decision to extend the period during which landlords must give tenants six months’ notice prior to an eviction until 24th March 2022.

The current period had been due to run out on 31st December but, with time running out, housing and climate minister Julie James has now moved to use her powers under the country’s Covid legislation to extend the eviction regulations.

She has extended the extended-notice eviction rules on several occasions during the pandemic, and the only good news for landlords is that this is the last time the Welsh government can do this without new Covid legislation being passed.

“The purpose of this alteration is to ensure that, at a time when there remains a serious threat to public health, both as a result of Covid-19 case rates remaining high overall and concern regarding the emergence of the new Omicron variant, landlords will continue to be required to provide an increased notice period to tenants before they can issue proceedings for possession,” James told the Welsh Senedd today.

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Another blow

nrla ben beadle new pic

Ben Beadle, Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association, says: “The Welsh Government’s decision today to further extend notice periods will come as yet another blow to landlords in the sector.

“It will cause hardship to landlords suffering at the hands of deliberate rent dodgers, as well as those with tenants causing nuisance to neighbours and house mates through anti-social behaviour.

“The decision to ask landlords to carry the Covid can once again, reinforces the need for the Welsh Government to work harder at distributing the tenancy hardship grant to those in greatest need, so that rent debt can be paid down and tenancies sustained in the interest of both parties.”


  1. Oh the joy of being a landlord in Wales! The WAG hates us even more than the Westminster government! Politicians are clearly too stupid or stubborn to acknowledge the contribution we make to society – providing homes for people who cannot do this for themselves -and both governments, the WAG in particular, continue threatening our financial stability with their laughable possession laws. One of our properties is already sold, making one less for the rental sector. I’m sure the rest will follow in quick succession.

    • This extension is very fair. I have been evicted TWICE during the pandemic, with a Section 21 notice. To no fault of my own: in the first flat, the landlord was coming back and needed the flat; in the second one, the landlady is selling the flat.
      I have always paid on time and have kept the place tidy. Do you think it’s fair for me to have to move to new accommodation with all the associated upheaval in just 2 months? I don’t think so. The 6-months notice should stay forever.
      Section 21 notices are being served to good tenants all the time.


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