An ‘over-bearing’ landlord has sparked disbelief on social media for enforcing draconian house rules on his four professional tenants and turning up each weekend to do admin.

One of the tenants posted his rules on Reddit, which included instructions to turn lights off when not in the room and closing the front gate behind them.

Incredulous social media posters immediately criticised the landlord for breaching government guidelines that mean landlords have to give at least 24 hours’ notice of proposed visits – but then only for repairs – and that tenants have a right to ‘quiet enjoyment’ of a property.

He was also flouting lockdown rules.

The tenant, who said he and his friends were a mix of senior project managers and GPs in their mid-20s, explained that the landlord didn’t live with them, but kept a locked room in the house and visited each Saturday to work in the living room and office.

Despite paying for their own gas and electricity, his ‘Simple House Rules’ gave orders about turning off lights and not touching the thermostat, as well as where to wear shoes.


The tenant said: “In all honesty we just find it incredibly patronising. We’re adults and we haven’t displayed any ridiculous behaviour. But once our respective six-month tenancies end, we doubt we’d each renew as he’s overbearing.

“We worry about even going to the shared living room with a bottle of beer in case he comes around and says something.”

One Reddit poster replied: “Your landlord might want to read up on the rules about quiet enjoyment. If you pay the fuel bills it’s none of his business how often you leave the lights or heating on.”

Another added: “Time for ‘Naked Saturdays’ I reckon – see how long the Saturday visits go on for then!”

see the Reddit post in full.


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