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Increase Value:

If you want to increase the rental value of your property then there are several areas which are well worth focusing on. There are external changes to the building as well as internal changes you can make to help asking for higher rent easier, but one area of the property that let a lot of landlords down is the bathroom.

It’s a well-known fact that renovations, when done correctly, can help increase the value of a property. The same things that help increase a home’s value will also help improve rental value in a similar way.

Below, we’ve listed 5 things that you can do to your bathroom to have a positive impact on rental value.

1 – A complete new bathroom

Fitting a whole new bathroom is by far the most costly option of the 5, but it will increase your rental value by the most. If you’re renting for the long run then this will work out better for you over time.

With the rise in online retailers, the cost of a bathroom suite is at the lowest in a very long time so although it’s the most expensive option; it still doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune.

2 – Add a shower bath

Everybody deserves a long hot soak in a bathtub from time to time and although lots of people love to bathe themselves, there’s lots of people who enjoy the practicality of a shower. It makes sense to have something for everybody and unlike a bath, which only really accommodates bathers, a shower bath has an large end to make showering much easier and enjoyable.

Shower baths are a lower cost renovation, but if you can’t spend too much then simply fitting an electric shower can certainly help renting your property more desirable.

3 – Add some tiles

Prospective tenants will not only appreciate a bathroom with new tiles, but they’ll also like the idea of having an easy to clean bathroom. Tiles are a middle-of-the-road cost but they’re easily maintained and can really transform the look of a bathroom.

Wall tiles are typically the most common renovation with tiles although floor tiles, especially patterned tiles and geometric patterns, can be a real wow factor. Tiling both walls and floors is ideal for getting the best results although landlord on a budget will still reap the rewards of just tiling one of the surfaces.

4 – Underfloor heating

Having a warm bathroom is important for relaxing and comfort. The beauty of underfloor heating is that it’s out of sight and has an equal distribution of heat. The bit that everybody loves about underfloor heating his the fact that the floor is toasty warm. It means you can step out of the shower or bath on a cold morning and the floor won’t have you dancing around whilst trying to dry off.

Underfloor heating can also reduce your heating bills which may also help increase rent values. An energy efficient property is much more desirable and this can make the difference.

5 – Bathroom accessories

A bathroom without accessories can be a messy place in the wrong hands. Having somewhere to store your essentials such as a tumbler for toothpaste and soap dish for soap can really make a difference to a potential tenant. They’ll be looking at the room and imagining where their things will go and if they don’t see anything the room will feel like it’s lacking. Why would you pay extra for less?

Bathroom accessories can be a really cheap way of adding value and if this is the only thing you can do then I’d definitely advise for it.

There’s a wide range of improvements that you can make to a bathroom to help increase a properties rental value. Some of the above options can be combined for maximum effect so don’t be afraid to go all the way when planning a new bathroom.

One last thing to keep in mind is colour. The colours used in your bathroom should be neutral as to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Using neutral colours will also keep the bathroom looking great for longer. Some colours come into fashion only for a few years so following some fashions may leave you with a quickly outdated bathroom which isn’t advisable long term.

Written by Alan Gregory, Victorian Plumbing

Please Note: This Article is 4 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.



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