Landlords with attractive homes to rent often overlook the importance of putting up a well-presented and written listing.

No matter how great your place is or how superior your brick and mortar are, people usually see your online listing before viewing the house in the flesh or talking to you.

Here are six ways to make your residential rental property listings stand out.

1. The ‘Rule Of Five’

In most cases, tenants looking for a house or flat will search the internet which means that they only have the photographs on your listing to ensure if the house is what they are looking for.

But taking good photographs has science. Here are some points to keep in mind when taking your snaps.

Since there are usually one, two or three rooms in a house, flat or studio apartment, it would be good to take at least one high-definition picture of every room, including the kitchen and the bathroom(s). All in all, there should be at least five pictures uploaded on your listing that do not show the same space.

  • Corner angles

Taking pictures from the corners of the room makes the room look more spacious and shows the entrance to other rooms.

  • Blurred pictures

The best angles are not worth it if your pictures are a bit shaky. People skip the listings that show a blurred picture as the display picture.

  • Clean And bright

Make sure your room is cleaned before you take the pictures. Also, if the lighting is too bad or there is too much sunlight, the images will not come out clear.

  • Curb appeal

Take at least one picture from at a distance overlooking the driveway, the entrance to the house, or the side of the building to your flat. Even the trees and shops outside your property add value to your listing.

2. Share everything

When writing the description of your real estate rental property, don’t stop yourself from mentioning everything. It shows the tenant that you are genuine and have shared any problems or inconveniences that might occur during the period of stay.

An excellent way to write the description would be to map out the whole place from the entrance to the last room, giving a walkthrough to the tenant referring to the relevant pictures every step of the way. It will provide them with a clear view of how the place would really look.

3. Target tenants

Before putting up your listing, you should ask yourself: To whom should I be listing my house for rent?

Do you have a specific target market in mind? Like students who will have their classes in a college near your flat, or a family who is looking to move to your village, town or city because of a new job or tourists who would only rent out your house for a few days.

Once you have decided, you should write your description catered to the needs of your specified target market. You can mention how far public transportation is, how long you need to walk to your nearest supermarket, or how close you are to dining and entertainment facilities in your area. This information might attract your prospects and push them to browse all your pictures, making it easy for them to decide.

4. Update your property availability

It is one of the neglected tasks that bring down the searchability of your listing. You want to get rental listings displayed when the tenant is searching with filters on looking for available properties only. You will need to regularly update when someone moves in or out to make sure your listing is visible to people actively searching for a home.

5. Give answers to FAQs

Answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) in advance so that the tenant is well informed as it will save time for both of you.

Some FAQs include whether the property is furnished. If it is, specify what ‘furnished’ includes and excludes. Students may be concerned whether the property is student-friendly. Some families are worried about other people living on the same floor, how quiet or noisy the area is, or if it has a garden. Also, indicate clearly if smokers are allowed to rent the place or not. Some families may want to bring their pets along, so be sure to have a clear policy about that.

At ePropertys, you have the option of adding such specifications that can make it convenient for anyone to search for your house with the relevant filters.

6. Reviews and ratings

If possible, include the opinions and reviews of the people who have stayed with you in the past. It gives people a lot of confidence to go ahead and book their house in advance.

Using the tips above, ePropertys’ platform makes it convenient for you to put up a winning listing that would catch the eye of the right tenant. You have the freedom to use our facilities to fit your need and attract the right tenant for you!


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