Welsh landlords have launched their manifesto ahead of next year’s Senedd national elections calling on its government to treat treat landlords more fairly and for the country to adopt a national property licensing scheme.

The NRLA in Wales says its members are frustrated by the patchwork of different property licencing regulations across Wales and want to see instead a national framework similar to the country’s landlord licensing system, Rent Smart Wales.

Other proposals within the manifesto include a introducing a Welsh Housing Survey, a nationwide Housing Court and abolishing the unpopular 3% stamp duty surcharge on second homes paid by landlords.

The NRLA in Wales, which is lead locally by policy officer Tim Thomas, is also calling on Welsh politicians to oppose rent controls and resist attempts any further attempts to introduce a Right to Rent scheme in Wales.

An attempt by Westminster 18 months ago to roll out Right to Rent in Wales and Scotland failed following a High Court decision earlier this year.

Other policies the manifesto calls for include grants and loans to improve energy efficiency and end fuel poverty for private tenants, and using council tax more holistically to tackle empty homes.

Fairer treatment

“We’re very pleased to launch our Welsh manifesto ahead of next Spring’s Senedd election. This provides an opportunity for all parties to build a private rented sector fair to both landlords and tenants. 

“Our proposals will improve the rights of tenants and landlords demonstrating it is perfectly possible to do both, rather than sacrificing one for the other. 

“After four pieces of legislation in six years, the PRS can really use a break from large-scale change and use some assistance in meeting shared goals to the benefit of both landlord and tenant. Our manifesto achieves that.” 


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