A landlord and ‘property investor’ has admitted a string of housing offences relating to his Newport HMO after previously denying he had done anything wrong.

Robert Evans, 51, of Cefn Tilla Road, Usk, appeared before Gwent magistrates charged with three offences over the management of the Redland Street property in the Crindau area of the city (pictured).

His fine may be hefty – in 2020 a landlord in Newport was fined £20,000 plus costs for similar offences.

He had been in court last October when he pleaded not guilty but has now admitted controlling or managing an HMO without a licence in January 2020.

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Evans was also charged with failure to comply with a housing notice and to produce the necessary documents.

The third charge was of failing to ensure that firefighting equipment and fire alarms were in good working order, it has been reported.


Evans is set to appear before magistrates on 28th January for sentencing and has been ordered to provide the court with the last three years’ worth of his accounts and tax returns.

Company House records show that Evans is a ‘property investor’ and ‘property consultant’ with three different companies registered. Two are involved in lettings and the third is involved in property development.

Newport has both a mandatory and additional licensing scheme that cover all HMOs in the city. Its HMO licensing scheme came into force on 1 July 2019 and expires 30 June 2024.

A property must have a licence if there are three or more unrelated people forming more than two households in the same building.


  1. As a Landlord myself, I’m 100% in favour of this guy getting a REAL financial penalty and prison time.

    £30,000 and 6 months should send a warning to others.

    We currently have a blanket media “one landlord is bad so they all must be bad” approach to reporting because they aren’t challenged or corrected.

    It’s time the vast number of proud, professional Landlords stood up and condemned the poor ones too – we might just start to get some positive press from it.


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