London Assembly’s housing committee has called on the government to raise the cost cap of upgrading rented properties for landlords to £10,000.

Under Domestic Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) Regulations, landlords currently don’t have to spend more than £3,500 (including VAT) on energy efficiency improvements.

A government consultation earlier this year also suggested increasing the maximum investment amount, resulting in an average per property spend of £4,700 under a £10,000 cap.

The committee has investigated retrofitting challenges in London and made recommendations to Housing Secretary Michael Gove as well as mayor Sadiq Khan, who has an ambitious target to make the capital a zero carbon city by 2030.

It believes Khan should bring together private sector landlords and tenants to look at barriers to retrofit and how government or local government could overcome them.


It has also suggested that the government needs to ensure London gets a fair share of all retrofit funding or sufficient powers to raise finance itself – and wants the mayor to lobby for this – and to make sure that cladding remediation work can be carried out alongside retrofitting.

Chair of the London Assembly committee, Sian Berry, (pictured) says it can’t ignore London’s 3.5 million existing homes which account for a third of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions alone.

“The government must commit either to fully funding London’s ambition for zero carbon homes or giving us the powers to raise our own finance. In turn, the mayor must work with private sector landlords and tenants to find and overcome any barriers to retrofitting,” she adds.

“The world is in a race against time to fight climate change, and action on existing homes can no longer be put off or tackled without proper commitment from our leaders.”

Read more about eco upgrade funding.


  1. Lol, yes, mug all Landlord cash cows for even more and more, and more – but it is so very, and I mean veeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry and so incredibly important, net zero by blaa blaa blaa by year dot, computers says so…

    Oh, yet but likes of China still frantically building away likes there’s no tomorrow, but not to worry, we’ll hit hit the Landlord’s hard, again.

    In fact, why not the rest of us also, for a laugh – while other countries do fook all, whilst happily sticking two fingers up to the rest of us, does anyone actually care!

    I often wonder to who is the more stupid?

    Knowing this planet is doomed anyways, although, humans won’t be around for that long, thankfully!!

  2. For the vast majority of LL with bog standard terrace houses it simply isn’t worthwhile retrofitting to EPC C status.

    Selling off these property types would be more appropriate than attempting to achieve EPC C status.

    It could be 10 years before any net yield would occur from expenditure on EPC C status viability.

    Perhaps an ideal opportunity for FTB to buy up all the dud rental terrace properties.

    The EPC problems are going to devastate the PRS.

    LL need to wake up to the impending disaster that EPC C status is.

  3. Some common sense would come in handy here. Retrofitting is a totally stupid idea, irrespective of who pays for it. It will cost a fortune in money terms and also in terms of raw materials, emissions etc just for the installation alone. Logistically it would be a nightmare. I heard that the possibility of using a hydrogen component in the gas mix is being looked into and is looking feasible. This is a much more sensible idea, as it would work within the existing infrastructure.
    Landlords should be treated no differently to house owners when it comes to paying for such ‘improvements’ if the socialist state intervention government does decide to commandeer them.

  4. UK contributes less than 1% of global emissions. If China and India don’t cut their emissions then it doesn’t matter what we do! So why are we going to devastate our PRS to make zero difference?
    Why don’t social / council housing landlords and owner occupiers have to meet the same EPC standards as PRS landlords? I thought discrimination was illegal in this country.

    • Discrimination is illegal unless you are a small private LL.

      Then any amount of discrimination is deemed acceptable by Society at large.

      There is nothing LL can do to prevent this Societal discrimination with Govt as the main discriminatory cheerleaders.

      LL should be under no illusion that Govt isn’t attempting to eradicate them.

      Govt ideology is to eradicate all 2nd property ownership.

      They HAVEN’T yet worked out where all the evicted tenants will live!!

      Perhaps Govt believes that magically tenants will be able or choose to buy!!!

      Can’t see that as a viable strategy.


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