A property portal has claimed that the build to rent (BTR) sector has reached a tipping point and that homes within this kind of development are now a ‘mainstream consumer market’ even though it still only represents less than 1% of the UK private rental market.

The claim has been made by website Love to Rent which has launched a week of promotional activity for BTR backed by the British Property Federation, the UK Apartment Association and leading providers including Allsop, Simple Life, Folio, and Fizzy Living (pictured, above).

“The key selling points of build to rent including great customer service, longer tenancies, on-site amenities and a sense of community are what set this type of living apart,” says Peter Sloane (left), Chair of Love to Rent.

Unreliable landlord

“Renting has never managed to shake off that image of a slightly unreliable private landlord, but we want to dispel those myths and show there is a different way to rent.

“The build to rent sector has been gathering momentum for years but now with over 50,000 units now occupied and record investment into the sector last year, we have reached a tipping point where it has become a mainstream consumer market.”

Commenting on behalf of the British Property Federation, Ian Fletcher says: “Renting is about people. It is about giving customers a great experience through inspiring and conscientious employees and good suppliers.

“The Build to Rent sector has happy customers. We know from customer feedback that people love their Build to Rent homes, the range of services they offer, sense of community, and great customer service. “With an ever-increasing number of homes being delivered for a variety of needs and budgets access to the Build to Rent has never been easier.”


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