Fans of Bristol’s famous Suspension Bridge can recreate the architectural achievement in their own living room by snapping up an ‘investment flat’ in the city.

The apartment is a snip at £140,000 when the average house price tops £300,000, but potential landlords should be warned that its unorthodox room layout features a bed suspended above the sofa using metal scaffolding, in what looks to be the kitchen.

The double-decker sleeping arrangements might suit professional pole-vaulters keen to fit in some practice, as it doesn’t appear to have a ladder.

Its strange set-up has caused a stir in local media and on Twitter with user @lucyvharrison posting: “One-hundred-and-forty thousand Great British Pounds to have your bed suspended above your sofa in your kitchen. I didn’t think Bristol had reached London levels of madness but here we are.”

Mopping up

Meanwhile, @Candiwrites: “Classic Bristol landlord vibe with the hoover and mop more expensive than the bed. They’d replace a single slab of laminate before replacing your hip when you’ve fallen out of a bed hanging from the ceiling on silly string.”

Local agent Connells believes it’s “a truly unique opportunity to own a stylish studio apartment in the heart of Bristol City Centre”, adding that the Baldwin Street studio flat has, “a sociable open-plan living space which is the perfect place to relax in the evenings” – as long as you’re comfortable with a large bed hovering above your head.

The agent euphemistically labels the room, “incredibly low-maintenance living space” but evidently hasn’t convinced any landlords to snap it up; although the flat came on the market in January priced at £160,000, its price has been reduced twice since then.



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