Paul Shamplina has revealed his latest top pick from his Channel 5 TV show Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords to highlight the key issues faced by landlords.

Introduced by the evictions expert and TV star, Shamplina (pictured) introduces the case of landlord Kate Martin and her attempts to regain possession of her two-bedroom apartment in Friern Barnet, North London from two tenants from Eastern Europe.

They had fallen almost £4,000 behind in rent and, citing difficult personal circumstances, were refusing to vacate the property.

Which is why Martin brought in Shamplina to help guide her through the repossession process.

Filmed before the Covid pandemic when both masks and social distancing were not required and evictions quicker – landlords must now give six months’ notice before moving to regain possession – Shamplina reveals the emotion and financial toll wrought on Martin as her costs and arrears mount.

This includes having to borrow money off her sons to pay the mortgage on the property, she reveals while close to tears, while at the same time dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

The programme also documents her anger after a failed attempt to regain possession at a court hearing at Barnet County Court.

“You couldn’t make it up,” says Shamplina. “But her case does reveal why landlords have to stick to the rules otherwise evicting tenants can be both difficult and costly.”

For Kate Martin this was because she had forgotten to lodge the tenants’ deposit with an approved scheme, as the law requires.

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  1. The best course of action should’ve been to ascertain the pros and cons of both S21 AND S8 being served at the same time (depending on the law prevailing at that time – thinking pandemic legal changes here), prepared the course for both paths (i.e. repaying the deposit to open the door for the S21) and then serve both notices. Would’ve saved time. The landlord should’ve received that advice.


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