Renters feeling more anxious about their financial obligations during the pandemic have pushed up demand for rent arrears protection.

Part of the Housing Hand rent guarantor group, Only My Share reports that demand for its joint and several liability cover increased by 82% between March and September compared to the same time period last year.

It provides rent arrears protection to tenants who rent rooms individually to prevent them from being liable if a housemate defaults on their rent.

With uncertainty around job security and university placements, renters are more cautious while parents don’t want to be potentially liable for thousands of pounds of somebody else’s rent, according to the platform.

And while it primarily serves university students living in HMOs, 44% of its users are in the 25- 44 age bracket, as more Generation Renters have signed up too.

Group MD Jeremy Robinson (left) says that as understanding of rent arrears protection grows, it’s predicting a continuing increase in demand. “The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t yet been fully felt,” he says.

“It’s encouraging that so many more people are protecting themselves from becoming liable for other tenants’ rent arrears before it is.”

Only My Share also provides a bespoke service for landlords and agents looking to guarantee rent, receive contents cover and get help with rent recovery, and is set to launch a new B2B service for them online.

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  1. I’m an HMO landlord.
    I would not expect any of my tenants to pay for another tenant’s rent.
    Each tenant pays me individually every week.

    If one of my tenants left, I’d just get another tenant in ASAP. It’s not that hard. We keep our rent levels low, so we can be picky about who we let in our houses.

    I’m not surprised landlords get a poor reputation, if they charge tenants for someone else’s rent. That’s no way to look after your customers or your workforce.

  2. @Robert James Same here. I’m getting very picky, even more picky, over who I let into my HMOs now. With the rent being low people who are out of work with the heating on 24/7 (and this has happened in the past) will use up all the rent money for the week just in the heating.


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