The Prime Minister has tonight once more plunged England into a national lockdown, citing the alarming speed at which the new variant of Covid is spreading through the population, including a 20% rise in deaths over the past week alone.

“We need to do more together to bring this vaccine under control as our vaccines are rolled out,” he said.

The new lockdown is in almost every way identical to the previous one in the Spring of last year, but with one exception – landlords will be overjoyed to hear.

Home moves are to be allowed during the lockdown, the current government guidance says.

This includes: “You can still move home. People outside your household or support bubble should not help with moving home unless absolutely necessary. “Estate and letting agents and removals firms can continue to work.

“If you are looking to move, you can go to property viewings. Follow the national guidance on moving home safely, which includes advice on social distancing, letting fresh air in, and wearing a face covering.”

Johnson, who hinted that the lockdown it likely to last at least six weeks and no earlier than the February half term, said: “The weeks ahead will be the hardest yet but I really do believe that we’re entering the last phase of the struggle, because with ever jab that goes into our arms we are tilting odds against Covid and in favour of the British people.”

Johnson also hinted that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are likely to follow suit and implement total lockdowns now.


“The reality now is that the eviction ban will now continue until after this lockdown, then more than likely result back to Tier 3/4, so bailiffs may not be able to enforce even then.

“We could be talking April May time to restart. We await hearing from the MOJ,” says Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action (pictured).

Letting agents

Landlords may face some reluctance from letting agents to complete face-to-face viewings and other tasks where social distancing is difficult as the

Martin Bikhit, MD of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Kay & Co says: “Unlike the first lockdown in March, physical viewings and house moves are permitted this time round but we expect to see more of a hybrid type model where virtual viewings work just as seamlessly for those who would rather stay at home.

“While the news brings a less than ideal start to the new year, the property market will once again prove to be resilient and accommodating for those who are planning to proceed with their 2020-2021 house move.” 


  1. Is there any change in the regulations for getting EICRs done by 1st April 2021 for tenanted properties? I have one set of tenants who are refusing access to get it done.

    • My understanding is that if you have tried to get it done, but the tenant refuses access, then you have a valid and reasonable excuse and would not be prosecuted. Keep a record of all correspondance showing your attempts to get it done, then don’t worry about it.

  2. What support is government providing to Landlords? I have tenant is arrears for 6months and I can’t afford to pay two houses…..I don’t want to pay interest for governments decisions to ban evictions……

    Landlords need support from Government. Provide loans to tenants in arrears so that they can pay rent.

    Thank you.

  3. My tenant is not paying rent for the last four months. She does not reply correspondence. She is more than likely getting housing benefit through Universal Credit and not passing to me as landlord. I can’t sue her until 6 months have expired. Why the DWP can’t pay the housing benefit direct to the landlord?
    I have to pay mortgage and maintenance charges in spite of the fact that I am receiving no rent from the tenant. This is not fair.
    Please let me know what can I do?

    • Fair!!!!!!!????
      Are you for real!?

      Seriously do you expect Govt policies to be FAIR to LL.

      If you can’t afford to subsidise a BTL mortgage for at least 2 years then you shouldn’t bother being a LL.
      I can’t afford this for my 4 properties which is why I’m getting out of the PRS.
      I cannot afford the risk of rent defaulting tenants.

      NONE of my occupants qualify for RGI or can source guarantors.

      The PRS will return to rich people.
      The days of the leveraged LL are coming to an end.

      Govt preventing eviction renders the BTL business model unviable.

      We have yet to see abolishment of the AST and S21

      You think things are bad now just you wait!!

      Govt does not intend to assist private LL one iota.

      This is a simple reality.
      All very UNFAIR.
      But Govt isn’t interested in the woes of private LL who it would like to see

      This CV19 crisis is an ideal opportunity for Govt to get rid of more LL.

      If you can’t manage your properties without rent then you need to give up being a LL

    • Makes a change from landlords persistently demanding and being legally entitled to regular full rent payments, whilst not holding their end of the bargain up by providing a basic level of decent accommodation that was evident when a tenant moved in, resulting in the tenant effectively being cheated and having no course for redress except to give NTQ.

      I am not saying that you are such a landlord, but there are plenty that are. That’s why landlords get so little sympathy, even when they deserve it.

      All the same, the word ‘Touche’ springs to mind.

      • I 100% agree with you Bel 👏🏼 couldn’t have worded it any better.
        I feel so sorry for the decent landlords out there that get a bad reputation by way of the greedy irresponsible ones like my current.
        Estate agents as equally as bad, sign that dotted line then they fall off like leeches and move on to the next person – the general attitude around the whole industry from all parties makes me SICK!!

  4. This is exactly what the tenants love ,to be able and allowed NOT to pay the rent . This is extremely unfair to us landlord/landlady’s .These tenants are criminals and thieves ,they should not be allowed to do this . I got a tenant who asked me to reduce the rent and I did by £300 that supposed to be for jus few months .That wasn’t enough for him so he stopped paying his bills then two months ago he stopped paying the rent all together ?
    And we are greedy Landlords???? The government should change the law .This is not right not fair .We need help from the government a grant to cover our mortgages .

    • I am totally agreed with you! this is gov is an idiot, so unfair to us why? because they can not afford people house benefit any more lets us pay for it? but we did pay our Tax to the gov we have to pay the mortgage and all maintain insurance etc. why should we provide our house for free to them?

  5. The government are so backward. Rented property sold by private landlords will almost always go back into the owner occupied market which means rented property is disappearing fast. I thought they wanted more available rented housing not less?

  6. This is clearly out of control. If a Tenant is in arrears due to losing their job and has failed to apply for any form of Housing Benefit, then the Landlord or Agent should be advising them of that route. If however, the Tenant has just decided to take advantage of the system and that can be evidenced, by watch movements at the house of signs of going to work etc… Then this needs to be stopped and stopped immediately. Furthermore, are we also saying here that face masks and sanitising your hands is NOT effective. Why are Courts NOT open, I have done many evictions and a Court is more than able to manage the volume of persons waiting in a lobby area. When you sit before a Judge your more than 1.5 meters away.. This is unacceptable. The Government needs to understand that TENANTS are not KING. Robert Jenrick, needs to wake up, and pull his finger out of his backside and show us what a competent Minister he is.. The Housing Market is open, so should Courts..

  7. Gov want all small business and private LL to go bust. So private housing can be bought up by, say Amazon Homes. Endgame is us all working for Bezos, the richest person in the world.

  8. In my street, there are 26 x 3 bed detached houses. We back onto 14 identical houses.
    At one point about 5 years ago they were worth about £160k and I counted about 10 being rented out. Since March 5 have come onto the market, having been refurbished and upgraded. And all have changed hands at between £180 and £205k
    If they were rented out the going rate woukd appear to be £825 a month. It’s not a great yeild for the hassle.
    I don’t think that they’ve been bought by Other landlords. I just think the tax plus Electrical safety checks plus lockdown added to the “just not worth the hassle”

  9. Well said Paul , All of my tenants are working even the one who is not paying the rent.
    I had someone desperate and about to be homeless as she was in a hostel she said she has runaway from her husband and she is suffering from cancer ,and that is why she is in London, I should have asked her some medical questions as I am a Nurse but I didn’t a big mistake and I gave her or rent her my half a million flat in the heart of central London and fully furnished .She told me you just saved my life .That felt good ,then I text her about changing the bills to her name ,guess what she did? she reported me to the council for harassment.Really??? So I got mad and I asked her do you usually treat people who safe your life like this ? And what do you think the council will do to me ? take my flat away from me I told her this is private property you stupid woman.Then I found out she did NOT have cancer and all that was a lie ? People still think we are the bad guys? So I gave her notice 6 month in advance and I kicked her out back to the hostel haha and I told her why don’t you report me again to the council ?So never again feel sorry for anyone or take a tenant who is on benefit .


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