Visitors to the first live Property Investor Show for nearly two years are in for a treat as key members of the sector confirm they will be gathering for ‘gloves off’ sessions at the event.

This follows one of the toughest periods for the private rented sector during the pandemic, during which thousands of landlords have been prevented from evicting tenants and, particularly in England, direct financial support for those who have struggled with rent arrears has been thin on the ground.

Those appearing to fulminate on these subjects include TV star and Landlord Action founder Paul Shamplina, who will be telling landlords how to protect themselves from tenant fraud, along with leading estate agent Krstjan Byfield.

The pair recently appeared on the BBC investigative programme Inside Out when it examined the problems of rogue tenants who illegally sub-let landlords’ properties.

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“There’s often a disproportionate focus on so-called rogue landlords and this tiny section of the sector tends to get huge attention,” says Shamplina (main pic).

“But I will be discussing the growing problem of bad tenants taking advantage of Airbnb popularity and how many landlords are being taken for a ride financially with dodgy individuals sub-letting properties illegally. Who should take responsibility? That’s the big question”.   


Others appearing at the show include outspoken property industry figure Russell Quirk (pictured), Eddie Hooker of Hamilton Fraser, David Cox formerly of ARLA and now at Rightmove and Chris Norris, Director at the NRLA.

Quirk, who will be chairing a panel discussion on ‘what next’ for the PRS, says: “The past 18 months has seen a bumper property market and that’s benefited landlords and property investors hugely with capital gains in the double digits.

“But this surely cannot be sustained, and I will be asking the panel what they think 2022 and beyond looks like from a property value and tenant demand perspective – and adding my own perspective of course. When does the runaway train stop, if at all.”

Further big names and panel subjects are to be revealed soon.

The Property Investor Show is taking place at the Excel Centre, London on 15th and 16th October 2021.


  1. One of the significant reasons many LL are leaving the AST sector is inability to control their property assets.

    Be that rent defaulting or illegal sub-letting etc.

    It is one of the reasons I refuse to let to AST tenants.

    I do other things.

    Inability to quickly get rid of rent defaulting tenants and illegal sub-letting ones leaves LL little alternative.

    A LL could through illegal sub-letting find they are subject to prosecution and RRO for an unlicenced HMO caused by illegal sub-letting.

    Councils won’t believe LL.

    Such a RRO could bankrupt a LL.

    Yet current penal regulations prevent LL from being able to prevent illegal tenant activity.

  2. Paul- it would be great to better understand what ‘other things’ you do. If you are not placing AST’s then, in reality, your only other options are- licensed HMO’s (but many of those would still be legally classed as AST’s), company lets or you yourself are Arbnbing (or equivalent)- unless you live at your property and place lodgers. It would be great to understand how you are side-stepping the issues you see with AST’s. With your permission, it might be something we can share on the panel?!


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