A joint campaign by the National Residential Landlords Association and Landlord Action is today urging readers to lobby their local MP and impress on them the huge problems created by the government recently extended evictions ban.

This includes asking them for a commitment to help the approximately 6,000 landlords stuck in the court system waiting for the eviction ban to lift on 23rd August and unable to anything about tenants who have rent arrears dating from before lockdown or those behaving anti-socially.

Landlords are also being invited to attend a free webinar hosted by the two organisations to discuss the unfolding disaster for the sector, to be held on Wednesday 1st July at midday.

Anyone wishing to attend can do so online and also email their questions to NRLA Chief Executive Ben Beadle, Landlord Action founder Paul Shamplina and Property Tribes co-founder Vanessa Warwick, who will be co-hosting the event. Details of how to lobby their local MP are available on the NRLA website. Questions need to be sent to policy@nrla.org.uk by 9am on the 1st July.

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Sustain tenancies

“In most cases landlords and tenants are working hard to sustain tenancies wherever possible,” say Beadle and Shamplina in a joint statement.

“It is vital, however, that as courts begin to hear repossession cases again, that they prioritise the most urgent.

“This includes cases of anti-social behaviour, those where rent arrears were building pre-COVID and cases which were started, but then paused, prior to lockdown.

“To support this landlords have a vital role to play in telling their MPs about the impact the repossessions ban is having as well as highlighting the ways in which they are supporting their tenants through the current crisis.”

Landlord pain: David Healy

Healy is owed over £10,000 in arrears and his tenant has not paid any rent since November 2019. Mr Healy’s court hearing, which was due to take place on 5 May, has been adjourned and he does not yet know when this will be rescheduled for.


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