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Denbighshire County Council has voted through an Additional Licensing Scheme for Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in a move to improve safety for occupants and help curb anti-social behaviour.

The scheme, which will apply to the Welsh towns of Rhyl, Prestatyn (pictured), Denbigh and Llangollen, brings in new regulations to better control safety, minimum room sizes, and “reasonable procedures” regarding anti-social behaviour.

The seaside town of Rhyl – which has the highest number of HMOs of the four selected towns at approximately 840 – has had an Additional Licensing Scheme in operation for 10 years.

But Denbighshire’s councillors have seen fit to enforce tougher regulations for both Rhyl, Prestatyn, Denbigh and Llangollen over concerns about anti-social behaviour and poor standards of accommodation.

As well as agreeing to abide by the new, stricter rules, landlords will have to pay between £420- £1,370 per property for a five-year licence.

Denbighshire’s Built Environment and Public Protection Manager Gareth Roberts says these four towns were picked because of their high proportion of HMOs and levels of complaints related to anti-social behaviour.

The new measures – which will come into force in around three months’ time – are intended to improve both the lives of Denbighshire’s HMO tenants and their neighbouring residents.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. Making landlords pay more is akin to highway robbery!!
    You should be getting off your backsides and making tenants pay their way the same as they do with any other business. Imagine going to the shops and saying I have no money but I want to feed my family for nothing. Do you really expect the shops to just give them the food for nothing? Of course not.
    Live in the real world. Landlords, many like ourselves have one premises and that helps to pay our own bills. The pressure on Landlords is phenomenal, new rules one after another and no help to pay for them. Get real. Will you have the guts to print this? You have not printed any of my comments Are you afraid of hearing the truth?

  2. … so I’m coming here intrigued what laws are to curtail anti-social behaviour, as in undertitle… The full article only repeats it about 5 times and doesn’t actually say. Anybody remind me why on earth am I subscribed to this newsletter?


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