The government has once again been urged to help tenants in England who have fallen behind with their rent and face eviction now that the bailiff ban has been lifted.

This was the message rammed home by a wide range of commentators on TV and radio shows today including Shelter, Generation Rent, the National Residential Landlords Association and Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action (pictured, above).

Despite their varied political differences, these organisations believe that tenants who have run up arrears during the pandemic should not be left to fend for themselves, or that already under-funded councils should be left holding the baby.

Viewers of national radio and TV news including on Channel 4, ITV, BBC TV and radio, LBC and Talk Radio all heard about the challenges facing tenants and landlords within the private rental sector at the moment.

“In all my 30 years in this sector have I ever seen landlords and tenants come together like this, particularly during the first lockdown,” Shamplina told ITV news.

“The government should have brought in loans for tenants in England as they have done in different ways in Scotland and Wales.”

Shamplina also appeared on the Jeremy Vine morning radio show to agree with Shelter that a tenant loan paid directly to their landlord should introduced in England.


Chris Wood, head of policy at Shelter, said during the shows that: “Where a landlord isn’t able to organise a payment plan or wipe the rent arrears slate clean and has no option but to move to eviction, or the tenant has no hope of paying the debt back, then we’re asking the government to step in and help pay off those rent arrears to keep them in their homes.”

“The cost would only be a 20th of the stamp duty holiday – we hope the government is listening this time.”


  1. It makes a nice change to see all organisations agreeing. It’ll be a disaster for tenants, councils and landlords if the government doesn’t organise some sort of loans for tenants in arrears, and pay direct to the landlord.

  2. “Where a landlord isn’t able to organise a payment plan or wipe the rent arrears slate clean and has no option but to move to eviction….”

    What planet are these people on? Wipe the slate clean…!!!

    I’d like to see the bosses of shelter etc be equally sanguine if they were told they will only get half their salary this year…. Hummmmm I don’t think they will be happy bunnies one little bit.

    I’m running a business not a charity.

    The very concept of “Wipe the slate clean” just encourages fraud.

    Just as shoplifting has become almost a “Non-crime” …to be jailed a shoplifter has to have multiple convictions, same too for serial rent fraudsters be they sub-leters, blatant non-payers etc.

    Some landlords are out of pocket by thousands of pounds… this is not petty theft it is organised fraud on an industrial scale, aided and abetted by lefty politicians, shelter, gen rent etc.

    In 2017 the CEO of Shelter was earning a reported salary of £122,000 a well paid middle class type using her position to berate and bully hard working yet poor landlords.

    I wonder how many landlords earn that sort of money?

    Maybe Landlord zone could survey its members (Not twitter) to see how many landlords earn such a handsome sum…

  3. As a landlord myself I agree with Dave.
    And what about the mortgage monthly payments?
    Would the mortgage people Wipe the slate clean” for the mortgage areas?

  4. When are government going to search all the houses in the uk on land register against registration of the council tax for the same property are find all the tax evasion landlords because it will be worth millions if not billions of unpaid taxes. Easy to do now on electronic systems.
    I been landlord since the 80s also on the tools and meet many unregistered landlords. I’ve built to rent last ten years nobody has ever checked up on me.
    I been to straight and since section 24 which only affects law binding landlords the tax system is so unfair.
    More regulation only affect good landlords.
    I don’t use agents and have direct contact with my tenants and currently have very very small arrears. My biggest enemy is unfair taxation on landlords on unfair playing field.
    If you want to use the courts when it all goes wrong hope you paid your taxes


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