Property guru Samuel Leeds has launched a petition urging the government not to give Sadiq Khan the power to introduce rent controls – despite the London mayor’s plans already having been dismissed by the Housing Minister Robert Jenrick.

In a new video, Leeds, who seems confused during the video about whether Khan has been re-elected to be Mayor of London or not, explains that he’s started the petition to prevent Khan ‘ruining property investment’ in London.

However, the petition is redundant as the capital’s mayor is unable to implement rent controls because it’s not within his power to do so; the Conservative government including Jenrick have made it abundantly clear that this is not going to happen.

The minister has previously labelled plans to introduce rent controls as “empty threats”, since “by law you cannot introduce without government consent”.

And an MHCLG spokesperson tells LandlordZONE: “Rent controls can discourage investment in existing accommodation, resulting in worsening property conditions. We have no plans to introduce rent controls or empower councils to introduce them.”

Different tone

Leeds’ petition – which has gained 1,700 signatures within the past 24 hours – takes a rather different tone to the video and says rent control has had catastrophic results for the poorest and most vulnerable, rather than mentioning the harm to property investors. It urges the government to reject calls by the mayor to have the power to bring in rent controls.

“I’m not going to let this happen – we need to stand together,” Leeds explains on his YouTube channel. “Stop him having authority to be able to dictate rents. If this happens in London it will ruin London and have a devastating ripple effect across the UK.”

Leeds says that the concept hasn’t worked in New York, Scotland or Berlin. “Crazy, ludicrous things have been bought in that make it really hard to be a property investor. Please stand with me – for your tenants, for your children – and not allow this to happen.”

The petition has until 24th November to gain the 10,000 signatures needed before the government must respond.


  1. The word “guru” needs to be in quotation marks.

    Unless by Guru, you actually mean phat bulshitter who lost all his cash on a fake castle..

    • Previously, Landlord Zone have called him a Guru many times before & I keep commenting how this person is in no way a Guru. But they keep on advertising him as such. It’s no wonder schnucks keep following him when a “respected” landlord site keep advertising him as such. Why even have the word Guru, even in quotes when writing about this person?

  2. Being an alleged seller of snake oil, Leeds has zero credibility among those actually in the property industry and this is just another youtube stunt to drag viewers into his marketing funnel.

  3. I am staggered you are giving this awful man a platform and referring to him as a guru!! Scammer more like. Wow. This is a terrible article.

    • Yes, they often advertise this person as a Guru. Like they have some reason to perhaps? Disgusting for all those that have lost money due to him.

  4. Total rubbish, with the so called ‘guru’ using this as a platform to sell his products.

    The simple fact is, Khan cannot introduce the rent caps, as he has no power to do so.

    I assume Leeds is a clever guy and clearly knows this, so is using the petition to build a database of signatures and Emails to sell his products too. More lambs to the slaughter.


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