LandlordZONE readers are being asked to complete a short survey on the Government’s plans to abolish Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions.

Outlined within the recent Fairer Renting White Paper, the government plans to prevent landlords in future evicting tenants without having to give a reason.

Instead, Ministers plan to bolster the Section 8 process but this would mean landlords going through a slower and more expensive eviction process, and having to reveal why they want to repossess a property and evict the tenant.

The survey is being conducted by Landlord Action, whose founder Paul Shamplina (pictured) is on a working group which advises the Government on the private rented sector to help inform future legislation.

“This information will be helpful in reforming grounds for possession under Section 8, making sure that landlords have effective means to get their property back when necessary once Section 21 is abolished,” he says.

The survey also asks landlords if they have ever had problems gaining access to a rented property to undertaken key safety and regulatory checks such as completing gas or electrical safety checks.

To complete the survey, click here.


  1. Seriously?

    Are you likely to issue an S21 in the next 18 months ?

    Let me just check with my tenants if they plane to default or cause trouble – while Im at it, if the Gov can tell me if I will be short of cash in 18 months I will know if I need to evict my tenants the “simple” way.

    This survey seems to be more about getting work for your sister company Landlord Action than getting genuine feedback.

  2. If you are in Wales, the new Act is truly draconian. The tenant can give you 4 weeks to get out, and they have to live in the premises for 6 months, and then, and only then can you give them another 6 months to get out. This is discrimination, One rule for the tenant, another incredible rule for the Landlords. Words cannot express my disguist.

  3. A pathetic survey – too few relevant questions to ascertain any information of really valuable imput to feed to to the Government so what was the real purpose of the survey – probably only to get the desired answers so the Governemt or whoever can pretend they listened and dodge the real issues of the broken housing system in the UK!


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