The Green Homes Grant is proving a hit with landlords with just under half saying they plan to take up the government’s £5,000 cash offer, according to research by lender Paragon.

But it says landlords need to get their skates on; there are only 650,000 vouchers available to home owners whether they are landlords or not, and the vouchers must be redeemed and the work completed by 31st March next year.

The popularity of the grant among landlords is not surprising – the Covid-related scheme, which is designed to both generate economic activity and help the government reach its green targets, coincides with the new Mandatory Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) that went live on April 1st this year.

Change of tenancy

These now prevent landlords letting properties with an EPC rating of F or G even where there has been no change of tenancy, and they must now improve the property rating to E or register an exemption if they want to continue to let it.

The Green Homes Grant therefore helps landlords bypass a major stumbling block that dogged previous efforts to encourage landlords to upgrade their properties; cost.

That’s because the MEES funding rules prior to Covid capped a landlord’s spend at £3,500 and, if a property could not be brought up to an E rating at that price, then an exemption could be applied for.

The Green Homes Grant pays two-thirds of the cost of improving a property up to £5,000, with the landlords paying the rest.

Richard Rowntree, MD for mortgages at Paragon, says: “Doing this, with the help of government subsidy, benefits the landlords themselves, their tenants and the environment, so it’s a sensible move.”

Read the full updated MEES regulations.
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  1. if you haven’t applied and sorted your tradesman already – good luck! I tried a month ago and everyone was fully booked. The Govt has decimated this sector in recent years and now the few remaining contractors are flooded with requests and not taking on any more work.

  2. I don’t trust a lot of these insulation methods yet.

    External wall insulation? I think it may cause damp. Especially in wet weather areas, like South Wales.
    The older houses were built to be drafty and well ventilated. Coal supply was pretty cheap back then. Free for some people.

    I’m going to hold off until these methods have been tried and tested for longer.

  3. There isnt anything like enough spare capacity amongst trademark contractors to get this amount of money spent by March 31st 2021. 625,000 grants of £5000, that must be no more than two thirds of the total That’s 625,000 x £7500 which adds up to £4,687,500,000.
    Unworkable scheme, I am sorry to say. They would be better off giving vouchers that anyone can use to buy loft insulation

    • The Government always make schemes like this difficult to apply for. They are seen to be ‘doing their bit’ but in reality the grants are inaccessible to most landlords.

  4. If you live in Cornwall there is no-one available carry out the necessary work. The scheme ends in March. I think the Government put a short time span on the ‘window’ knowing there would not be enough registered tradesmen available! An absolute farce! I emailed my local MP about it but have not received a reply!


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