One in five parents in private rented accommodation are now more concerned their family will become homeless following the Covid-19 crisis, Shelter has claimed.

The homeless charity’s research, carried out by YouGov, reveals the precarious nature of private renting as opposed to stable social housing for disadvantaged families.

Their findings show that many families in private rented accommodation have had to cut back on food since lockdown in order to pay the rent, as well as having to take on credit card debts and payday loans.

The new research also reveals that many parents have had to resort to help from food banks to feed their families since the pandemic hit.

Shelter is campaigning for more social housing to be built to give hard-pressed families access to affordable housing and a way out of private rented accommodation.

Polly Neate, Shelter’s Chief Executive, says: “Families are going hungry and taking on risky debt to pay private rent, and yet for too many even these sacrifices won’t be enough to avoid homelessness. 

“These parents need a way out of living hand to mouth, but so far the Government has offered them no alternative to private renting.”

“As rescue and recovery packages roll in, the government needs to prioritise building safe homes that everyone can afford. 

“Cuts to stamp duty are not a solution when you’re struggling to keep a roof over your head, and terrified of becoming homeless at the hands of this crisis. Many renting families will feel like they’ve been sold down the river without a paddle.”  

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  1. Hey up! It’s another Shelter stab at the PRS with absolutely no references to back up what they’re saying, at least not in this article. I’m sure there are, indeed, families in the PRS who have had to cut back, and I’m sure many landlords have also had to cut back (I have), and no doubt people in ‘council’ houses have had to cut back too, and people who own their own homes outright or with a mortgage.

    I wonder how many families Shelter house? Oh, I see! None!

    • some landlord are too greedy they check yr benefit cap and charge maximus rent for a room . my rent is 966.pound a month so the extra 80 pound a month given because the virus gies towards the rent of a small room with ensuite rest of houe the condition are disgraceful.


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