The government has today announced a significant shake-up of the Environment Performance Certificate (EPC) system in England and Wales.

Housing minister Christopher Pincher has launched an online service to improve the energy efficiency of people’s homes as the government bids to achieve its ‘net zero emissions’ target by 2050.

This is in effect a ‘green MOT’ for homes and will make it much easier for landlords, sales and letting agents and homeowners to find out if a property has a valid certificate, and create one if it does not.

Like other government services including MOT certificates and Road Tax, the energy certificates will now exist as a web page making it easier for EPC assessors to share a certificate with estate agents simply by emailing a web page instead of a file.

“This makes it far easier for citizens and property professionals to store, view and share this vital information,” says Pincher (left).

A spokesperson for the NRLA told LandlordZONE: “We welcome anything that makes it easier to get an assessment and find information about the performance of a property.”

Timothy Douglas, Policy and Campaigns Manager at ARLA Propertymark, says: “On the face of it these proposals simply do not take into account the state of the UK’s housing stock.

“We all want to see more energy efficient homes, but the new rules and requirements must be realistic and achievable.

“Landlords and their letting agents are already taking the brunt of tax changes and many are providing support to tenants with Covid related arrears.

“A simplified exemptions regime and additional financial support must be made available otherwise the measures in their current form, will not be achievable and that would mean further reductions in the supply of rented accommodation available.”

Visit the new government EPC site.

Read our guide to EPCs.


  1. Oh good, I was beginning to get concerned that the government had forgotten about landlords and the ridiculous amount of paper work and form filling we already do.

    I am beginning to wonder how far we are from the Government (and believe it or not this is a CONSERVATIVE government) are from being told anyone with a second house or property portfolio needs to rent it out and maintain it free of charge. After all, we are landlords and have plenty of money – or so I am repeatedly told by various MPs, Police, and Media sites (I have deleted the BBC app after getting sick and tired of a so-called unbiased news organisation seemingly writing very biased anti landlord articles).

    I shudder to think where we would be with a labour government, even Saqik Khan, whos personal vendetta against private landlords knows no bounds. I am surprised he has not announced that all knife crime is down to landlords – oh sorry, that would mean actually addressing a serious issue rather than something that will win votes, such as rent caps etc.


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