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A leading London tenants’ group has called for the eviction ban to be extended beyond the summer to give renters even more breathing space, echoing similar arguments by other local and national groups.

The Camden Federation of Private Tenants is urging the Government to take the temporary ban past 23rd August and into the autumn.

Organiser Robert Taylor says: “The Government recently extended the ban by a further two months, but this is simply not enough, as we believe that the ban should continue until it has introduced legislation to permanently abolish Section 21 and ‘no fault’ evictions.”

According to the group, Camden’s renters pay an average of 59% of their income on rent.

Taylor tells LandlordZONE: “If the Government really wants to ensure fairness in the rental market, then it needs to give serious consideration to what we and others believe to be are very practical, sensible and reasonable demands.”

Other tenants’ groups such as Generation Rent haven’t publicly called for a further extension, but while they welcome the suspension of evictions over the summer, they still have concerns.

Director Dan Wilson says: “With holes in the housing safety net and much of the economy still in lockdown, millions of renters will get further behind on rent. The Government must use the time it has bought itself to develop a long-term solution to provide rent relief and end unfair evictions for good.”

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, adds that the Government’s announcement is just a stop-gap. She says: “It’s critical that Robert Jenrick uses this extension wisely to change the law and properly protect renters.”  

The Government has yet to confirm whether it’s going to follow the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee recommendation that once the courts re-open, they should be given discretion to dismiss Section 21 notices until 31st December.

Please Note: This Article is 2 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


  1. those of us who had an eviction order in place before the lockdown and were waiting for the bailiff prder are already penalised enough, It takes 2 months notice then a wait of over 7 months for a court date, another wait of a month to evict and then yet more waiting for the bailiff order. then a ban on evictions for 3 months which was extended, yet tenants and house buyers can move. so what is the justification for not enacting the eviction of tenants that already hadan eviction order before the lockdown. None. It is a disgrace

  2. More blatant lies from the anti-LL brigade.
    They know full well or at least they should that even if a Possession Order is applied for on August 24th it will take at least a year before a bailiff enforces a Warrant of eviction.

    During that year the tenant is highly unlikely to pay any rent.

    Therefore there is NO need to restrict evictions.
    There is more than sufficient time to facilitate further mass rent defaulting for many months due to the well known inadequacies of the County Court and HCE process.

    Very few tenants when faced with a PO will vacate.

    They ALL wait till the day before a bailiff is due to arrive before they vacate.

    Which is why you always have the feckless rent defaulting tenants acting surprised when a HCEO turns up. Because of course when a LL has been successful in transferring to a HCEO no notice of attendance is required.

    ALL these feckless tenants have been advised by the Council to wait for County Court bailiffs to evict.

    Everyone knows it would be impossible for anyone to be evicted this year UNLESS there is suddenly a rapid improvement in County Court appointment availability.

    Govt certainly HASN’T suggested at all that it will fund the County Courts sufficiently to allow evictions to be processed quickly.

    We also have the situation where District Judges are incorrectly and unnecessarily restricting the ability of LL to evict quickly.

    They prevent LL transferring from CC to the HC.
    They do not enforce the MANDATORY possession that S8 requires when the tenant is in 2 months of rent arrears.

    They also add unreasonable periods for tenants to stay before the eviction process can be advanced.

    None of these issues are ever mentioned by the LL haters.
    They know full well that nobody will be evicted this year even with the eviction ban ending.

    They seem to also direct their ire just against private LL.
    They don’t even seem to acknowledge that currently the social housing sector has 2/3 more tenants to evict than private LL.

    Not a peep from them………………………funny that!!!

    There is much disingenuousness in this debate and all of it comes from the LL haters.

    Blatant lying is distorting the debate and yet no one is calling out the LL haters for the blatant lies they are stating.
    Govt of course very conveniently says nothing to contradict these blatant lies………………….funny that!!!!

  3. Its getting to the point where people are going to start taking the law into thier own hands out of sheer desperation. We as landlords are being held to ransom.


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