Campaigning group the London Renters Union has secured promises from six Labour-controlled councils to change the way they run local housing services.

As Labour celebrates taking control of Wandsworth, Westminster and Barnet in the local elections, the union credits its campaigning might for getting Brent, Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Newham, Hackney and Lewisham to promise greater landlord regulation, expanded landlord licensing and hire more enforcement officers.

They have also all vowed to campaign for rent controls, reduce attempts to move people out of the borough and to reduce their use of ‘intentional homelessness’ decisions. 

London Renters Union launched its #SideWithRenters campaign in March and says: “Because of the way we’ve been building power, the main parties across six boroughs have committed to implement our demands.”

It adds: “After a rest, we’ll get on with the hard work of holding politicians to the promises they’ve made.”


Other campaigning groups – Generation Rent and the Renters Reform Coalition – are also keeping up the pressure and this week handed a letter into 10 Downing Street urging Boris Johnson to end unfair evictions by announcing the Renters’ Reform Bill as part of next Tuesday’s Queen’s Speech.

It says private landlords are getting away with renting out poor quality homes that can make people ill, and that even when it’s serious enough for the council to get involved, most tenants still don’t get the protection they need.

Generation Rent adds: “Getting rid of Section 21 evictions entirely and requiring landlords to provide legitimate grounds for eviction will give tenants more confidence to demand improvements. Unless the Queen’s Speech contains measures to reform the rental market, the government will fail in its mission to level up housing.”

Read more about Section 21 and the government's plans.

These groups don’t always get their way – as we reported in LandlordZONE last month, tenants’ rights group Acorn was taken to court by a landlord it harrassed in Sheffield and it must now pay £100,000 to her after she won her case.


  1. Given that there are 400 piece of landlord regulation. How much more do we need?. The good landlords who follow the rules leave the sector. I have seen good letting agents, decide to get other jobs, because the job is no longer fun, but drowning in paperwork.

    What about landlord rights? Protection from tenants who wreck properties or don’t pay the rent? What is the position on these tenant groups? Where is the justice?

    I have tenant malicious wreck my property to get evicted and so they can jumpt the council housing waiting list.

    I had n’t increased the rent in many years. However, tenant groups campaigned for more taxes and I had to put them up to cover the tax bil. It did n’t benefit my tenant or me….. That’s an own goal for tennat groups.

    As for rent control. You can’t have that in an environment, where costs are going up. Are these tenant groups going to persuate my plumber to work for peanuts? They are in high demand, they have plenty of work.

    Licensing schemes are n’t free. The fees are outrageous. It is reflected in rent prices.

    Tenant group seem to want it both ways. They don’t like landlords, they want them to sell up, but when a landlord decides to sell up, they want to stop that eviction.

    There should be protection for landlords who face abusive tenants. Some tenant think it is okay to speak to a landlord in a rude abusive manner. They are renting my property, not the right to abuse me. Acorn was taken to Court and fined. This is all stired up social media and tenant groups.

    • Its all politics…..tenants will vote Labour – WHY ? – Labour will introduce rent controls and penalise Landlords with more aggressive legislation and use Tax to rake in revenue to pay for Civil servants who will encourage politicians to introduce more regulation/legislation….and the cycle continues……Landlords will be Taxed – stamp duty, Capital Gains, income…..the environment going forwards maybe…more hostile to landlords who will be forced to take on social housing role – rent controls to make it affordable, Higher Capital Gains Tax to make it unprofitable to sell off, more regulation in 5he name of safety to ensure less profit, more legal protection for tenants with heavy fines for landlords without going to court…..we are already seeing some of these playing out….its not a good time to be a landlord….in a changing environment only the species that adapts will survive….

    • I have tried and tried to get a group going that will stand up for Tenants Rights. No one has got back to me. Stop complaining and lets join up to fight for our rights for a change. Believe me I don’t want to see bad Landlords in any shape or form.

  2. Meanwhile, the NRLA says and does nothing.

    What is the point of a National Landlord Association that fails to speak out for landlords.

  3. Maybe we could begin by abolishing this old fashioned and elitist term “Landlord” which implies a hierarchical social relationship between property owner and tenant. Its a business relationship and mutual respect should prevail. We are living in the 21st century not the feudal system. No one is a “lord” over anyone else in a democracy.

  4. So the Commies intend to enact policies that will cause LL to sell up and invest elsewhere.

    So eventually these dopey Commie Councils will have onerous and penal regulations the result of which will be no rental properties!!!

    Bit pointless having lots of regulations which result in rental properties being withdrawn from the market!!

    A little suggestion for these Commies.

    Campaign for LL to be able to repossess properties from feckless rent defaulting tenants 45 days after first rent default.

    Magically the Commies would find LL have rental properties are available.

    Very few LL are ever forced to evict for no reason.

    Usually LL are forced to evict because FECKLESS rent defaulting tenants refuse to vacate at the expiration of a 2 month S21 NTQ.

    The Commies will just make life more awkward for tenants who will find rental supply shrinking.
    Communism never works and never will no matter how many times it is tried.

    Clearly the Commies DON’T know their history.

    Rents controls never work.

  5. So, yet more bad news for landlords! Will we eventually have to have a large “L” brand on our foreheads?
    Also, the clue to the Tories’ campaign against private landlords is in the name of one of the campaign groups “GENERATION Rent”. “Generation” points to the fact they are generally younger… and will vote for longer!

    • There will NEVER be sufficient housing for the next 100 years.

      That means with LL exiting the AST PRS there will be a rental property shortage.
      Will those renters protest the situation by not voting Tory!?

    • I was of the thought to emphasise the PRIVATE part of what is provisioned.

      Community would include Social Housing which supposedly ISN’T provisioned!!

      Though of course it can seem like the Govt is effectively forcing private LL to become quasi Social LL.

  6. Paul – surely that is exactly what the Government is effectively doing – forcing the PRS to more and more take on the role of social housing provider as the Conservatives don’t want to spend money building social housing. Will the large build ro rent companies play ball though? – as they generally offer an upmarket product – i.e. not really social sector tenants.


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