Labour leader Kier Starmer’s chaotic reshuffle has included giving housing spokesperson Lucy Powell the new job of shadow Digital, Culture, Media and Sport brief, it has been announced.

lisa nandy housing labour

Lisa Nandy, who has been demoted from shadow Foreign Secretary, has been given the job of scrutinising the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, taking over Powell’s former role.

The reshuffle, which had been expected, took place yesterday, kicking off while the party’s deputy leader Angela Rayner was giving a key speech on parliamentary sleaze, apparently catching her by surprise.

Other departures include Nick Thomas-Symonds, the shadow home secretary who is replaced by Yvette Cooper, Kate Green, the shadow education secretary and Jo Stevens, the shadow culture secretary.

The reshuffle has been reported as Starmer’s attempt to both keep Rayner at arm’s length and reduce the number of left-wingers within the shadow cabinet.

Powell, the MP for Manchester Central since 2012, was appointed to the shadow Housing role in May, taking over from Thangam Debbonaire, who became shadow leader of the House of Commons.

But Powell’s tenure heading up the housing brief has been both brief and relatively unremarkable.

Landlords attacked

Her high point was a keynote speech in September during Labour’s conference in Brighton, during which, as LandordZONE reported, she attacked landlords and holiday homeowners.

“I see no contradiction in us also promoting home-ownership – not for more landlords or second homes, but for ordinary working people – nurses, electricians, delivery drivers and care workers – currently priced out,” she said.

She also said a Labour government would link housing costs to wages and “tackle the thorny issues of quality, affordability and security in private rentals”.


  1. LL should be planning to sell up in the event Labour attain power.

    That could be a distinct possibility.

    It is clear that Labour still intend to make being a LL any increasingly pointless pursuit.

    I intend to be long gone before the next GE.

    I was already to auction all my 4 properties had Corbyn won.

    Only about 2900 votes saved the Country from a Corbyn Govt.

    Swerved that bullet………….just!!

    To close for comfort.
    Too many marginal seats.

    The Labour Party has stated its anti-LL policies.

    LL who ignore these Labour threats are idiots.

    LL need a plan on how they are going to escape bonkers anti-LL policies.

    If you think such anti-LL policies currently being applied by the Tories are the worst if Labour win it will be a nightmare never seen before.

    Time for LL to move away from the standard tenancy business model.

  2. Spot on again Mr. Barrett, it’s certainly a frightening thought if they could get back in, knowing they have a history of bankrupting our country, like it or not this is a fact they cannot seem to accept! Many times I’ve loved arguing this point, as used to know all etc figures; budget & GDP & the likes, (with help from the fab website someone put up) they never had an argument, as a youngster I was sad enough to get involved with all parties, I look back and don’t trust any of them, & didn’t trust many back then, at end of the day we only get scraps, but yes, particular parties will be the end for many landlords, spec when you add in all net zero sh!te, oh dear, scary times aheads!


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