Replacement deposits platform Ome has launched a new portal and app to help landlords onboard tenants quicker and more easily.

Ome was launched in March 2020 and provides landlords with the same level of security as a traditional deposit without the admin or legal requirements that come along with it, while relieving tenants of the need to worry about scraping together a deposit.

This means renting is more affordable for tenants via Ome’s Deposit Replacement Membership while landlords have access to a much wider pool of potential renters.

The service also offers five weeks’ rent value against damage or unpaid bills – the same as a cash deposit.

Its new portal, which has been in development since mid-2021, offers a much slicker experience for users including improved communications throughout the process, with multiple messaging options.

Better experience

Landlords using the portal now enjoy a much cleaner ‘member panel’ that will enable more sources of information to be displayed in a format that is clear and keeps them up to date.

Also, landlords will later this year also be offered more services than just deposits, supplied by the Hamilton Fraser Group, which Ome is a part of.

Peter Agathangelou, Group CTO said, “This launch represents the first major implementation of our business transformation strategy which will enable our customers to manage their engagement with the Hamilton Fraser Group through a single portal.”

Eddie Hooker, CEO of the Hamilton Fraser Group (pictured) says: “Despite the pandemic, we have continued to push forward with our Group’s digital strategy.

“The launch of Ome’s new portal will pave the way for future development as the Group’s brands and products are added to the portal.

“The next step in our transformation will see mydeposits integrated into the tenancy deposit platform, enabling our customers to access all their deposit needs in one location.”


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