Andy Burnham has vowed to come down hard on rogue landlords if he secures a second term as Greater Manchester’s mayor.

His manifesto promises to introduce a £1.5m Greater Manchester Good Landlord Charter in partnership with the city’s 10 councils to support landlord licensing and drive up standards in the private rented sector.

“We need to make it much easier for tenants to find out whether landlords are prepared to sign up to the basic standards required by the charter,” says Burnham.

“As part of this, we will support our 10 districts to develop landlord licensing schemes and ask Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to support with enforcement of safety standards.”

Selective licensing

Manchester Council has just finished a public consultation on its plans to introduce a widescale selective licensing scheme.

Nearly 1,800 properties are already covered under selective licensing schemes in Crumpsall, Moss Side, Moston and Old Moat; there are now plans for three new schemes covering 1,402 properties in parts of Clayton and Openshaw, Harpurhey, Gorton and Abbey Hey.

In March, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority – made up of the 10 councils and Burnham – launched proposals for a Good Landlord Scheme, funded by the £1.5m surpluses generated by the GM Housing Investment Loan Fund (HILF).

It proposes ensuring tenants and landlords have access to accurate and up-to-date information and advice as well as “strengthened and focused enforcement capacity”.

It says: “While enforcement powers lie at district level, there are clearly resource constraints on teams locally which GM HILF surpluses could help to redress. This enables us to directly support work to target the poorest quality and worst managed properties in the sector.”

Burnham’s other manifesto pledges include bringing more properties in the private sector under social housing standards by expanding the new Ethical Lettings Agency ‘Let Us’ and working with councils and housing partners to develop plans to build 30,000 zero-carbon homes for social rent.


  1. AJ you are of course correct. However, as rents rise the politicians and tenants then incorrectly blame landlords accusing them of greed. Shame he does not invest the hard earnt publics money in providing social housing.

  2. Crack on, Andy. Come down as hard as you like.
    No one is denying that there are rogue LL which give us all bad publicity, however the majority of LL are good people.
    But as AJ (above) mentioned, when the costs go up, our rents will go up too.

  3. The problem is that rents cannot increase equal to the increased cost burdens.
    If only it was that easy.

    There limits as to how much market rents can increase by.

    Invariably increased costs just mean reduced income for LL.
    It surely must get to the stage where such increased costs render a letting property unviable.

    The figures rarely stack up these days.

    LL are getting out of the game.

    It just isn’t worth it anymore.

    This of course is what Govt wants.

    So they don’t care how many additional costs are imposed on LL as long as it contributes to forcing LL out of business.

  4. Dear Mr Burnham…

    There are none so blind as those that will not see.

    People who invest in the PRS can just as easily invest in British Gas (Or any other hot air provider) ha ha ha.

    You endangered the lives of the residents in Manchester by trying to play poker with the big boys few months ago and you ended up eating lashings of Humble Pie…
    Do the research mate and stop embarrassing yourself in this oh so public way.

    I have recently sold two properties, reducing the portfolio and retaining the best properties with long term loyal tenants, this means less properties to rent. In my locality properties available for rent are about 10% of the normal amount and the rental prices have increased by 25% as a result.

    But that is not enough to keep me interested in PRS because of the constant rantings by Burnham, Gen rent, Shelter etc all of whom are actually making life for tenants worse not better.
    Go and sit quietly in a darkened room and calm yourself with some soothing medicament. There’s a good Burnham.

  5. Landlord in Manchester genius Burnham. I had a house at £680 now at £850. We have desperate tenants due to these uncollaboative actions.

    What a idiot.

  6. He should also be aware of the number of flats that are becoming HMOs. Those nice new flats with two double bedrooms both with en-suites – just made for two couple to share making them HMOs. Coming down heavy on landlords is gong to force more of this kind of subletting/sharing. People quite innocently I’m sure, see this as one was of paying for higher rents and don’t realise the implications.

  7. We’ve had enough and will start to sell up this year. I believe 80% of landlords are doing the same. Just hope they’ve enough social housing to plug the gaps.

  8. Of my two houses, one was sold and one is for sale. Andy and his like aren’t really helping renters, as is pointed out here. The issue I see, looking at my own properties now lost to renters, is not one of PRS properties being brought up to social housing standards, but the other way round. I’m sure it will be much better for tenants when their choices are large-scale landlords and rental properties and prices reflecting that. Not.


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