The NRLA has today published an open letter to Shelter taking apart its recent but widely-criticised research which gave the impression the entire landlord community is busy ejecting tenants without any reason.

Last week its press release claimed that “every seven minutes a private renter is served a no-fault eviction notice despite a government promise to scrap them three years ago”.

But the Chief Executive of the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) Ben Beadle (main picture) says in his missive that the campaign represented a “disappointingly one-sided picture, which has the potential to create needless anxiety for tenants that their landlord is about to evict them for no reason”.

“There are, as we know, a small number of irresponsible landlords who have no place in the market and bring the wider sector into disrepute.

“Your press release, however, gives the misleading impression that most landlords fall into this category which is far from the case.”

Section 21 campaign

Beadle goes on to accuse Shelter of selectively using industry and government data to embellish its ongoing campaign to have ‘no fault’ Section 21 notice evictions banned.

Beadle says Shelter omitted to mention key facts within its press release including how 75,000 Section notices being issued every year is just 0.7% of total tenancies; that the overall trend in evictions is downward and that Section 21 evictions are used by many landlords because the Section 8 process is broken.

He also highlights how landlords can easily be refused a Section 21 notice application for minor admin breaches – for example not issuing a ‘How to Rent’ booklet correctly at the start of a tenancy.

“The NRLA is not opposing the Government’s plans to end Section 21,” says Beadle.

“However, as our proposals for a new system make clear, Section 21 cannot simply be scrapped without the associated reforms needed to ensure that a new system is fair and workable for both tenants and landlords.”

Read the letter in full here.


  1. What bugs me most is Shelter receives government funding when they clearly identify themselves in their strategy document as activists. Driven by a left-wing agenda I don’t think it is right that the tax I pay as a landlord is used to further their partisan cause. When you have the likes of Michael Gove retweeting Polly Neate who is the CEO of Shelter then something is very wrong. BTW Neate earns over £120k as CEO of Shelter. Such a salary seems a bit perverse for someone who advocates on behalf of homeless people.

    PS – NRLA should not cave on Section 21. If they represent landlords’ interests they should be pushing to keep it.

    • I believe if you invest with the nationwide building society they also donate to shelter rather than improve investors returns. I withdrew my investment with NBS when I found out!

  2. If shelter and the government do not stop hammering landlords then more and more are going to leave the sector completely, creating an even bigger dilemma for both shelter and the government.

  3. Excellent letter. Very well expressed. Thank you Ben and the NRLA for the work you do to express reason in the face of politics.

  4. I just sold three rental properties, am tired of jumping through hoop after hoop. The straw that broke the camels back was good tenant turning into a nightmare thank goodness we eventually got him out with a Secition 21 notice.

  5. I didn’t think it was blunt at all. Very fair, well reasoned and apt letter. I would say Shelter is a dangerous organisation benefitting nobody but their own overpaid executives, and it is a disgrace that taxpayers funds are given to it. That’s a bit blunt! I could’ve thrown in a few expletives to be even more blunt, but didn’t!

  6. I’m glad to hear Mr. Beadle shouting for us. I would like to hear him more often (but not just preaching to the converted). He could have been much blunter in my opinion, I know I would have been. Shelter are crooked. S21 abolition is the single main thing that worries me as a landlord at the moment.


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