The Welsh government is to pump in more cash to help end homelessness in the country including a new £30 million funding pot for local authorities, housing minister Julie James (pictured, above) has announced.

It will be used primarily to support the Welsh Private Rented Sector Leasing Scheme, which effectively underwrites the risks and costs of persuading private landlords to rent their properties to local authorities in return for a rent guarantee and additional funding to improve the condition of their property.

Local authorities can then use these properties to provide affordable and good quality homes for people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Tenants will benefit from the security of long-term tenures of between five to 20 years and help to maintain their stay in a long-term home, such as mental health support or debt and money management advice.

£30m initiative

This £30 million initiative is part of the Welsh government’s Homelessness Action Plan, which is a cross-sector and multi-faceted attempt to house homeless people and prevent them losing their homes in the first place.

As part of housing minister Julie James’ promotional efforts for the initiative, she met 42-year-old Jonathan Lewis (pictured, above) from Swansea.

He has overcome huge challenges throughout his childhood, teenage and adult life and has finally been able to find and thrive in a secure home after years spent sofa surfing or sleeping in his car.

James said: “Meeting Jonathan today – who really is an inspiration – just shows the importance to everyone of a decent, affordable and stable home.”

Landlord reaction

NRLA policy director Chris Norris says: “We cautiously welcome the announcement of funding for greater use of private rented property to help end homelessness in Wales.

“The NRLA is yet to see much of the detail of how the action plan will be enacted, however we are pleased this initiative recognises the positive role played by private landlords in providing good quality homes for those in the greatest need.

“Private sector leasing schemes such as that included in the Ending Homeless Action Plan can be beneficial to landlords and tenants as well as providing cost effective housing solutions for local government.”

Read more about the millions the Welsh government is spending supporting tenants.


  1. Seriously?

    Welsh Government offers £30M to Landlords.

    Think they’ll discover that it’s called RENT.

    The bribe of extra money to refurbish a property and then be contracted to a long term rental only to get the property back in a worse state is hardly appealing.

    Until (poor) Tenants are punished properly for their actions, no Landlord with any sense is going to touch this “more challenging” market.


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