The Labour Party has labelled the government’s Green Homes Grant scheme a ‘fiasco’ after details emerged earlier today of the scheme’s mounting problems.

MP and former Labour leader Ed Miliband has said the “government needs to urgently sort out this mess and crucially make sure small businesses are paid what they are owed”.

His comments follow allegations in The Guardian that poor management of the £2 billion project had led to delays for property owners getting vouchers and that many suppliers were close to withdrawing or going out of business as payments for work already done is held up.

“Far from creating green jobs, the Government’s approach means workers in the renewable energy industry are actually being let go – worsening the economic crisis,” says Miliband.

‘Cutting corners’

“This is yet another example of Ministers cutting corners and outsourcing to companies that just aren’t up to the task. They must come clean about the details of this contract so taxpayers know exactly what their money has been spent on. 

“Instead of a piecemeal, short-term, fragmented approach, we need a proper, long-term, comprehensive plan to transform our housing stock.”

The Guardian article points to the US firm as the source of the problems. Despite being based in Virginia and the time differences this has caused, it was awarded the contract to manage the UK’s Green Homes Grant scheme.

This is not the first time problem with the scheme have been flagged up. As LandlordZONE has reported in our own investigation in early December, the scheme was then already dogged by weak landlord demand, teething troubles and scarce tradespeople.


  1. Grant for green homes ? That’s a unfunny joke. I called them and asked them how can I get a grant or help as I have few properties I might go green ? You are not going to believe what they asked me for?
    They said are you on benefit ? I thought they meant if my tenants are on benefit ? But no they meant me .I asked them how many landlord do you think are on benefit??? They said then you have to pay at least the first £5000 .
    I better do it myself privately less than that .

  2. Cadriah Ayob – whoever has told you that wants sacking. Below is an extract from the .gov site……

    Vouchers will cover two-thirds of the cost of eligible improvements, up to a maximum government contribution of £5,000.
    If you, or someone in your household, receive certain benefits you may be eligible for a voucher covering 100% of the cost of the improvements. The maximum value of the voucher is £10,000. Check if you’re eligible for the low income support scheme.
    Landlords are not eligible for low income support.

  3. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for your message.
    That was someone from gov site .I kept asking him are you sure ? All of my tenants are working .
    Could I ask you ?Do we have to replace the plastic consumer units to metal ones or just to get EICR certificate?


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