Landlords are invited to attend an industry-first proptech gathering on 23rd March at 6pm being organised by the Portfolio Landlords Action Group (PLAN), the new industry grouping for landlords with 75 properties or more.

Founder Marcus Selmon (pictured) tells LandlordZONE that, now he has signed up the first members to the group, he wants to encourage a lively debate about the role of technology among both its members and the wider private rented sector.

The free ‘online exhibition’ and discussion will welcome both members and non-members. Details of the platform being used to host the event will be available on the organisation’s website soon. In the meantime, landlords wishing to attend should email Marcus direct.

“One of our core objectives is to share information about best practice and in particular best tech for operating a rental portfolio,” says Selmon.

“Most Landlords do not have the resource or often the interest in tech to realise even a fraction of its potential and I include myself in that.

“These are understanding the potential a tech has to offer; choosing between what is normally a wide selection of tech offering the same solution and being able to actually implement it into your business on a day to day basis.”

Selmon says he wants to make tech easier to digest with down-to-earth language and explanations for landlords, rather than the ‘techno babble’ some proptech firms employ.

An old-fashioned landlord network is also going to be set up to enable landlords to find advice and support locally on a range of subjects, including tech.

Single step

“It is not going to happen overnight. But as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” says Selmon.

“Our tech exhibition is the first step and we will have to see how it develops.

“If it gains traction then we can build a foundation of information on which a great deal of useful knowledge can be constructed.

“And if the tech companies see the benefit then hopefully they will work with us to repackage their tech and make it much easier to access.”

Marcus is a leading landlord figure specialising in the formation of high-yield property portfolios in the north of England.


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