Four weeks since the ousted Gove released his White Paper for a “fairer private rented sector,” Landlords are taking stock of how best to deal with the upcoming changes they now need to make to their buy-to-let portfolios in a bid to meet the criteria of a “levelled up” housing standard for tenants. It’s come at a difficult time: many of us are mid-incorporation, many of us are facing huge tax bills, many of us knew we’d have to refurb our portfolios but simply can’t take the financial hit of doing it all at once with such little time. Then there’s the very real threat of recession just around the corner.

It’s understandable to see why so many landlords have been left frustrated, angry or worried by the mammoth task ahead and, for a huge proportion of us, it seems the clock has well and truly ended on our portfolios being profitable enough to weather the storm. But what’s the solution? Have landlords been riding off a gravy train of profits for too long at the expense of tenants? Do we deserve to lose our portfolios as we struggle to meet the mounting costs of clinging on? The answer is surely no, but the obvious solution for a vast majority is that it’s time to get out of the landlord business, and if we’re going to get out, we want to pick a moment where we can cash in for the highest possible prices. That time is now. It’s time to “box clever” and sell up before the recession and cost of living hits our prices and sales.

As the CEO of Landlord Sales Agency, I should know. In 2021 I predicted exactly this, and came up with the best solution to help landlords when the moment was required. I created a power team of experts who would be ready to help landlords sell up for the highest possible prices, fast, and like many other savvy landlords right now, I’ve done it for my own portfolio. You cannot escape the fact that now is the highest release of equity you’ll get for another 7 years. Whether you decide to sell part or all of your portfolio, you need to act now and start selling while the window of opportunity to get out is still open and there’s no better company to help you than ours. If you’re clever, you can still win, and we’re here to make sure you win for the highest amount possible.

Unlike other companies, we’ll solve every single one of your problems to ensure you get the smoothest possible sale:

  • We have a list of buyers who will buy your properties without having to evict tenants. This dramatically cuts down the time it takes to sell, plus means that you can continue collecting rent all the way up until the actual sale. For those properties that require evictions, we personally help your tenants relocate, or help them financially to find a new place.
  • No matter how many houses you have, or in what condition, we’ll take them all off your hands, and get you the highest price for your portfolios in less than 21 days. We sell entire property portfolios, or partial portfolios in bulk in one go.
  • We’ve got an extensive list of over 30,000 private buyers and relationships with the top property buying companies. Most of our portfolios sell within a week which is exactly what landlords need right now. We simply don’t have time to waste.

Landlord Sales Agency sell properties either in one go as a full portfolio or as single units, depending on your instruction. Unlike traditional estate agents, or other property buying companies, both methods are extremely fast. We work quickly to collect information about rent, tenant history, running costs and ensure all certificates are in place to guarantee the sale is not delayed. If any certificates are missing, we have a team of engineers, builders and experts who will get all the certificates and paperwork done for you. The stress is completely removed out of the sale, and seller involvement is kept to a minimum so you can relax knowing it’s in swift and extremely capable hands.

Furthermore, at Landlord Sales Agency we take our promise to ‘solve any landlord problem’ so seriously that, as a result of the number of enquiries we’ve received from landlords with cash flow problems, we can also use the equity tied into property to offer an interest free loan of up to £20,000 to be repaid on completion.

We know what it’s like right now to be a landlord who is thinking of selling, and who wants to release cash. We’re so confident in what we do, we can afford to go the extra mile to really help landlords get through, and get the highest possible price for their property portfolio before the market drops. We’ll also ensure we never compromise on the sale price no matter how much work your portfolio needs. We typically achieve 80 – 90% of the market value, and for that we cover all the costs and take away all the hassle that comes with selling the portfolio. We’re completely transparent, so you know exactly what we’re making. You won’t get a higher price for the service, and any company promising you 100% market value is hiding a huge list of costs that are going to come after the sale. That’s not the case with us. It’s what makes us different.

We’re here to help, and we understand that now is the window for landlords to get out. It’s a crucial time, but we’ve been preparing for exactly this, and we’re here to get the job done.

If you want to exit the market before the predicted fall in property prices, talk to us today.

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  1. I know revenue is important, but getting a little annoyed at reading what appear to be articles on this website, only to then realise it’s just another advert. It would be good to just make it clearer in the mailouts.

  2. It’s so obvious to sell that other investors are clamouring & even advertising for the opportunity to buy our properties. Displaying adverts like this that are posing as informative articles & presenting “facts” in a way to suit themselves is wrong in my opinion. Total BS.

  3. Quote from above
    “You cannot escape the fact that now is the highest release of equity you’ll get for another 7 years”.

    Hmm, for that to be a “fact” you would need to either be able to see into the future or have a time machine. Your whole article is completely self-serving and making daft statements like that and positioning your opinions as facts removes all credibility from the rest of your self-serving statements. I wouldn’t touch your company with a barge-pole due to those type of statements that simply make you sound very untrustworthy. You obviously think landlords are daft enough to fall for your car salesman like sales patter. Big mistake, we are not, and so I imagine that this article has done more harm than good to your business.

    You seem to ignore the fact that rents are at all time high. But of course you would as that does not fit in with your narrative.

    Shame on LandlordZone for allowing such a poor advert, I thought the idea of LandlordZone is to assist landlords, and this unbalanced article/advert does not. Wouldn’t be so bad if it was much more obviously shown as being an advert, but all to easy to miss that.

  4. I thought it was an informative article I was going to read not an advertisement. I would never sell my portfolio with tenants in situ, unless I wanted to achieve less return and that doesn’t make good business sense.

  5. completely agree with the other comments left.
    I thought I was sitting down to read an informative article, not be coerced through scare tactics to sell????!!!!

  6. When their CEO states “I created a power team of experts….” you just know its time to scroll on to the next LZ advert.


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