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Plans to let tenants move out at short notice will 'disrupt market'

Rick de Blaby

A leading build-to-rent firm boss has urged the government to approve an amendment in the Renters Reform Bill preventing tenants from ending contracts in the first six months – or face disrupting the market.

Get Living’s CEO Rick de Blaby (main image) says scrapping minimum term tenancies but allowing tenants to serve two months’ notice as early as the first day of their tenancy could lead to a spike in rental homes being used for the very short term.

“Ultimately, responsible landlords could do very little to prevent homes being used as holiday lets, party flats, or worse, causing enormous disruption to those living nearby and upending stable communities,” says de Blaby.

Amending this to a minimum six-month period would ensure that communities can thrive without constant churn and potential anti-social behaviour, while investors would have greater clarity and certainty, he adds. “Ultimately, this change helps landlords and operators of rental schemes to establish happy and thriving communities and will in turn drive further investment and growth in a sector that sorely needs it.”

Political vision

de Blaby believes while the Bill is welcome and long overdue, the longer-term problem - underlying lack of supply - requires a bigger political vision.

“An efficient, transparent and professional rental market should offer benefits for both investor and occupant, but the mismatch in supply and demand has allowed poor landlord behaviour to flourish to the detriment of the quality of homes and service provided to the resident.

“The concern of many in the industry is that some of the proposals seek quick fixes without tackling the underlying causes,” he adds. “At a time when investment in the UK is low, productivity has stalled and businesses are competing for talent across the UK, the stakes in getting the right balance couldn’t be higher.”


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