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Do tenants need more rights to have pets? Take part in our quick survey

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Dear LandlordZONE reader,

Today MPs are voting through the Renters (Reform) Bill including many key amendments designed to make it more ‘balanced and fair’ after which it will move on to the Lords for further scrutiny.

This landmark legislation, when it goes live later this summer, will significantly alter the way the UK’s 2.3 million private landlords run their rented properties, which LandlordZONE has been highlighting now for many months.

But one of the most contentious changes among landlords is ‘pets in lets’ which will give tenants many more rights to live with their dog and/or cat, limiting the circumstances in which a landlord can reject a request for a pet by a tenant, and banning the blanket advertising of properties as ‘no pets’.

Given this big change, we want to find out what the UK’s landlord experience of having tenants with pets has been, and what our readers think of the proposed changes.

You can read what they are here.

If you have 45 seconds tospare, I would also urge you to fill in our quick and anonymous poll on the subject – let the politicians know what you think!

Many thanks,

Nigel Lewis

Head of Content, LandlordZONE


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