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If you’re a renter looking for short term accommodation in London, especially if such a search is something you’re relatively new to, the chances are that you’ll find the whole process more than a little overwhelming.

A massive city like London offers a huge range of options and choices, with something to fit every budget and fall in line with any set of circumstances. Whilst the number of properties available isn’t a problem, however, the quality of service provided can differ wildly.

This is why it’s so important to take your time and think carefully when faced with the plethora of companies offering property to rent. Get the choice right and you can relax in the knowledge that that place you’re living in will be clean and secure and that any problems will be dealt with promptly.

Choose the wrong people to rent from, however, and you’re going to experience all kinds of terrible problems, from the initial condition of the property itself to the way in which emerging issues such as repairs are dealt with.

Many people, when renting a property, may be tempted to stick to the tried and trusted method of dealing with a single landlord. There are advantages to this – it may be that you develop a strong personal rapport with the landlord of your choice, and many people find a one on one relationship is easier to deal with than working with a larger, more impersonal organisation.
Other advantages of working with a single landlord might include cheaper rents (although this is by no means always the case) and the occasional extra included in the package, such as broadband access or satellite TV channels.

The main downside of taking this option rather than renting from a larger agency lies in this very lack of scale, however. If you suddenly needed a repair, for example, if a washing machine started leaking for instance, than an individual landlord might have to start from scratch seeking out a plumber or repairman to make things right.

A larger agency, on the other hand, may well have trusted people on their books already to carry out the repairs, or, at the very least will have a database of people whom they know they can rely on. What’s more, the size and scope of a larger agency will mean that they have the experience required to deal with absolutely any difficulties which might arise.

No matter what questions you might have or difficulties you could face, an agency which looks after hundreds of properties will have experienced the same kind of thing before and will know precisely how to deal with it. A reputable agency, on top of this, will make it their business to ensure that you, as a tenant, are fully informed of all of your rights and responsibilities and any legislation which covers the area of private rentals.

A larger agency will have its’ reputation to protect, and will therefore be determined to offer the best possible service. You can look into this reputation by talking or liaising with current and past clients and establishing the standard of property and service which they were provided with. The final plus point which an agency can bring to the table is the sheer choice which scaling up can provide.

They will be able to offer a wide range of properties in a number of different areas, and will also be able to provide in depth local knowledge of the areas you’re interested in living in, bringing all of this information together in a manner which is clear and easily assimilated.

If you decide to work with Sterling De Vere as your agency then you’ll get all of the advantages of working with a large, experienced, professional organisation – we know the market inside out and any questions you might have we’ve heard and answered a million times before – whilst also getting the kind of personal service which our specialised agents are trained to deliver.

The fact that we’re a larger agency also means that we’re on hand to help round the clock, so that no matter what time of the day or night it is, you can phone our emergency helpline and receive sympathetic help, advice and, most important of all, solutions to your problem. We like to think that we’re big enough to handle your problems, whilst still being personal enough to care what those problems are.

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Please Note: This Article is 9 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.



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