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An Elfin Kitchen’s compact mini kitchen has completed a dream holiday gîte for astronomers and astrophotographers in Provence, France. Although the ideal size for a holiday apartment, it was Elfin Kitchen’s above and beyond customer service that clinched the deal.

The Provence region of France is a rural vacation hot spot, popular with stargazing holidaymakers. As keen astronomers themselves, John and Janet Slinn decided to take advantage of the local surroundings and clear skies to offer something different to visitors – light and airy self-catering accommodation and astronomy facilities.

Converting a traditional two-bedroom French gîte comprising a lounge/dining area, with restaurants only a 20 minute drive away, it meant that a full-size kitchen was neither required nor possible due to the amount of space it would take up. Seeking an alternative, more compact option, John found Elfin Kitchens through a quick online search.

“Before moving to France in April, we wanted to make sure we had everything in hand, which is when I found Elfin Kitchens. Due to the amount of space we had available for a kitchen and some useful advice from Elfin, we opted for the pre-built 1500mm kitchen, with a 20-litre combi-oven.

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This is ideal for our guests, who really only use the kitchen for preparing breakfast or a light lunch, as in the evenings most tend to visit the pubs and restaurants, which due to our dark sky location, are only a short drive away,” Said John Slinn, owner of Gîte Astronomique.

“Elfin were more than happy to ship the kitchen to France and it arrived in perfect condition – until I accidentally scratched the mounting plate for the microwave on installation.

“This is where Elfin Kitchens shone. I contacted Ellie at Elfin to confirm the kitchen had arrived and how pleased I was with it, despite my accident, and she replied saying she would send over a new one, free of charge!”

Built entirely of white powder coated steel including the door and drawer fronts with stainless steel furniture as well as an A+ rated refrigerator, stainless steel worktop with sink and monobloc tap, useful dry storage and hotplates. Also incorporated into the kitchen at the Gîte is a combi- oven, ensuring the mini kitchen has all the capabilities of a standard fitted kitchen.

At 900-1500mm wide, each Elfin mini kitchen is a space-saver and available as a right or left-hand version, and where hotplates, ceramic or otherwise, are installed the kitchen also comes with a 30-minute cut out safety timer.

Finance Manager of Elfin Kitchens, Ellie Andrews added: “It’s great to receive such good feedback from our customers.

“After installing the kitchen using the drop-in, plug-in approach, John choose to seek a local plumbers advice on the final connections of the appliances such as the sink, fridge and hotplates, and besides his unfortunate accident in scratching the microwave mounting plate, he was thrilled with his new kitchen.

“So the mishap didn’t detract from his new purchase, we sent out a new shiny mounting plate, ensuring the compact kitchen was fresh and ready for its first star gazing visitors!”

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Please Note: This Article is 6 years old. This increases the likelihood that some or all of it's content is now outdated.


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